Create your profile & invite real friends

Create your profile & invite real friends

You will create only one account at a new social network and you invite your friends. We will pay based on number of friends you get. We also pay more based on number of friends of friends to you.

This can be a contentious project.


Social media, Internet marketing, Good friendship skills

Skills Required

social media internet marketing


create account and invite more real friends form facebook friends, twitter, etc, or with mail

i will invite 5 of my friends to the social network site, who will then invite their 5 friends, who will then ivnite their 5 friends adding up to hundreds.

create account and invite

create account

i will get you more user profiles of real human only. i can easily promote your social blog to all countries. contact if you wanna my services and i have lot of social media services.

i'm king of social media blogs/websites.

best regards

hey contact me i can do this at cheapest price ever. and users would be real and active ;)

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