500 Google+1 shares to my Android App

500 Google+1 shares to my Android App

Hi there Fellow Clerks

I am looking for 500+ G+1 Shares to my Android App on Google Play Store.
I want to drive more people to my app and get people to download and leave me some good ratings to further promote the App.

I have just $1 in my account and so i thought id try my luck here and see if i can find some really cool people out there who can deliver this job for the price i am asking.

If anyone out there can help me out it is much appreciated

Just leave me a comment below and i`ll get back to you very shortly.

Thanks for looking at my request and hope to hear from you real soon


Deliver 500+ Google Plus Shares to my Google Play App for $1

Skills Required

promotio,related videos,promote,youtube,data ent,Data col,data min,twitter,social


give you 500 permanent insight google plus within 24hr=5$

i can provide you anything related with the playstore. if you need the download, reviews, rating google plus then i can provide you those on the apps you mention.

i can provide you some of the highest quality google +1 available on seoclerks. these are delivered in the same way that i have delivered for my own websites. some of these on my own websites were added almost a year ago and are still there today.

feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

all the best,

i can publicly share links to google+ android apps. 500 people will be able to pay me $ 6 for shipping. hope you enjoy my work and get a good rating. you can order me for your job. with $ 1, i can put your android apps link to 80 people.

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