Redirect users to landing page and Instagram elsewhere

Redirect users to landing page and Instagram elsewhere

For several months I've had links in my Instagram profiles (short URLs pointing to designated landing pages (without masking) and Instagram had no issue.

Recently, though, Instagram said I'm no longer allowed to have a link that goes to the designated landing page (they didn't mind the short URLs, it was just the landing page link they didn't like).

So, I tried redirecting using masking (using free .tk domains) when pointing to the landing page. And Instagram has no problem with that.

But I then realized that masking is no good because when a user tries to click the paypal button on a page with masking, the paypal page doesn't show. It only works if the button is being clicked on the real URL.

So the only solution would be to forward domains (from the Instagram profiles) to the landing page but without masking and somehow blocking Instagram from going to the landing page and instead be sent somewhere else. Is something like this possible?

I would want users who click on my Instagram profile links to be sent to the designated landing page without the page/site being masked and have Instagram bot sent elsewhere (a different URL).

If this can be done, it would solve everything.

Please only bid if you know for a fact that this can be done and how to do it.



Must be a knowledgable programmer.

Skills Required

Php Curl Html


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hi, i cam modifiy and write code for your site that will do the job for you so whenever a visitor from instagram comes to your landing page, it will be redirected to a different page with any message such as page move else where etc. contact me to discuss complete details thanks.

i will develop the script to handle the redirection. it would separate instagram bots and real users and send them to pages set by you.

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