Need 20 Sellers to register on a new freelancer site

Need 20 Sellers to register on a new freelancer site

As you all know, websites are very difficult to succeed and require content to create traffic. We are in our initial stages on populating our website with quality microjob offers before conducting an advertising blitz throughout the internet.

So Freelancers, we have a new website that needs Sellers like yourselves. Any skill or service in the microjob world is acceptable. If you are interested in expanding your customer base to other markets, please sign up. We will pay you $1.00 just for registering your microjob offer(s).


  • Bidders are required to register a microjob offer or offers on webhire(dot)(net)
  • Bidders must provide an accurate, detailed description with video or images of their work offer.
  • Bidders must be active in any sales generated.
  • Once your job offer is placed, bidders must relate that to us for proper credit.

Skills Required

Php Java Programming Seo Adult


we are team of professional and even can register all 20 seller for you site

well just hit a pm we can talk about the complete work in detail.

and yes i can provide signups that will be genuine and quality is assured.


i am a java/php developer so it will be fine with me to join you and get some extra work.

i am ready to sign up on your site

i will register for your micro job site and post my gigs.

send me the link to your freelancing website and i'll sign up and proceed to create over 10 services that your members will love.

hey, if you still require services and signups then iam ready for getting you 10+ services and a signup..


i will sign up to your website and add at least on service (microjob)

i'm a software developer, it's a great opportunity to grow my income.

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