Correct me an article about 536 Words

Correct me an article about 536 Words

I want someone to correct me a letter is around 536 words i am asking like 5 minutes to spend and that's it.

The Article i want you to correct is this one:

Hey there,
I have mailed you because i would like to propose a deal about participating on the boxing club.
I would really like to participate on the boxing club, and i like a lot training and working as a team and trying new things, new activities and stuff like this,which you know you can have some fun, but my problem is that i don't have a job so that i can pay a membership but in return i would be able to assist you there by helping you out in the things like cleaning, organizing or whetever you have there and you need help with.
I would like to have fun in any way that i can , i am 22 years old and you know everyone wants to have fun and being happy with their life right?
Moreover,i would like to ask you someτhing, because i don't have money and everyone has their own needs , the only things that i am asking you is to provide me a place to stay, a shower, and something ofcourse to eat and some free time that i would be able to spend on my own, around in the town or whetever.
However , if you hire me i am not promising you anything like, because i don't wanna talk big and then do nothing.I would stay as long as i feel like it, it would be 2 days a month a year i don't know,it depends.I am also saying that if we don't get along or if you don't like me i leave and no worries.
In addition to i would like to add that, my main reason for joining would be to spend a little time of my life having fun for doing something than doing it for money,doing something for my own.I would like to do new things in my life, and new activities and do crazy stuff like i never done before you know;p
However i would like to say that i am from greece , and i came to england because it was my dream and i am working as a waiter in a place that actually is not overcrowded , and is not even a town in order to go to super market you have to take a taxi and wait like 20 minutes to get there i am working in a pub called the woodman and olive, if you google it you will get the meaning and is not only that i am working from 11am to 00:00 and i don't have time to do the things that i like even if i have a day off which is monday.
I mean if you ask me , why i am telling you all this why would you care, because i am looking for a way out and i just want you to know a little bit of me so you would be able to understand a little bit of my situation and that's all.
Thank you very much for reading my letter if you would be interested, feel free to reply back , or if you would like to ask anything feel free to do so.


Just correct me the article and the money is yours;)
Simple and Easy;)

Skills Required

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