Need translation from ENGLISH into JAPANESE

Need translation from ENGLISH into JAPANESE


I need a translation from english into japanese.
The text is not very complicated (no technical stuff).
The text is 1280 words long/short ;)

See the text here:

Qi Shield provides products with the Power of Qi/Chi. Qi Energy & Wellness products corrects disorganized energy fields and blocks EMF from entering your body.

You owe it to yourself to try our Qi/Chi Energy Jewelry.

Qi Energy & Wellness Jewelry

YuánQì® Tec introduces a technology that unites the ideologies of ancient Eastern medicine and the benefits of advanced scientific research. The company behind this technology have honed the results of centuries of studies by the Chinese medicine pioneers and years of research by scientists in the bio-technology field, and put them together into a comfortable and convenient line of products.
The concept that is central to Eastern medicine is an internal substance that the Chinese call "Qi" (pronounced "chi"). In the west we describe this as bio-electric energy. Similarly, "western" scientists have found that each human body has a common natural electrical frequency. The two concepts are married into the belief that when the electric frequency of the human body drops or is compromised by the electromagnetic pollution that we are all subjected to in today's society, one's health and well-being are at risk.

Qi Shield Energy
Qi Shield Products
Qi Shield Company

Bracelet (Black)
Bracelet (Brown)
Bracelet (Nature)


Qi Energy & Wellness Jewelry

Tests have shown that Qi Shield products can improve your flexibility, endurance, balance, strength and power significantly. It can be used anywhere by men and women of all ages or physical capabilities. If you just want your body to perform at a higher healthier level, improve your body's performance by wearing YuánQì® technology.

The Qi Technology
The Qi Frequency

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Qi Energy & Wellness Bracelet (Black)

The Qi Energy & Wellness Leather Bracelets are high-quality, finely braided leather energy bracelets (premium quality) with a comfortable clasp of 316 stainless steel. It is designed to be functional and stylish. The Qi Energy is embedded within the stainless steel clasp and will not weaken or diminish over time ...

An elegant and flexible piece of jewelry that does not lose its color and is woven from 100% genuine buffalo leather with 6 leather braided straps. The diameter is about 6mm. The Bolo bracelet is flexible, has a good tensile strength, is evenly woven and made of pure leather (no cotton or plastic core). All leather energy bracelets/wristbands are handmade (Made in Germany), and may vary slightly in shape and color from the image. The Qi Shield Leather Bracelets comes in the following sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

All prices are incl. VAT and shipping. Standard Delivery Orders will typically arrive within 4 to 7 business days (Monday through Friday, not including holidays), following payment verification.




Qi Energy Technology

Our Qi energy technology corrects disorganized energy fields. It allows photons to have a frequency wave form that is infinitely coherent and infinitely small to transparently pass through you. It rearranges and redefines molecules in the body so that they return to their native state of equilibrium. The molecules in our bodies are more defined. Everything works better and more efficiently. QiShield Technology creates a field which is a non-Hertzian subtle energy field that literally polarizes random photons. QiShield realigns and accelerates our energy field and eliminates random energy fields in our bodies. We are all electromagnetic beings. The human body grounds electromagnetic radiation in the environment because of the electrical conductivity of our body. It is attracted to us. Frequency is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. When there is frequency, there is electromagnetic potential. We are being influenced by the magnetic action (or attraction) of the frequencies that surround our lives each day and frequencies influence our state of well being. Everything has an electrical frequency measured in hertz.

All living systems are based on electromagnetic energy. Every cell in your body is generating an electromagnetic field. The whole universe is made up of energy - every plant, every rock, even the planet itself. Man-made electromagnetic radiation is not the only source of random photons in the environment. However, the problem we experience is that these frequencies, which we have never encountered before historically, are a very different spectrum of frequencies than the living body uses. Based on his studies, researcher Nikola Tesla said that, if we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

QiShield-Technology blocks EMF from entering your body. Be eliminating these EMF fields from entering your body and by correcting your body's equilibrium at the cellular level, QiShield products bring your body back to its native form so that your body performs at its optimum level. Every human being should be using QiShield technology for overall well being and improved performance.


Qi Energy Frequency

Everything vibrates. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory or periodic motion. Each periodic motion has a frequency (the number of oscillations per second) that can be measured in Hertz. Every element in the Periodic Table has a specific vibratory frequency. We use enzymes to break down molecular components. Each of these enzymes has a unique crystalline form with a specific vibratory frequency. However, different types of frequencies can have a chaotic or a harmonizing effect on our own systems. When something vibrates at many dissonant frequencies, it produces "chaotic or incoherent frequencies." (David Stewart, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple).

All of the electrical devices in your home - lamps, television, radio, phone, and microwave - emit electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. But they use AC (alternating current) electrical frequencies that are incoherent and chaotic. Their effect is to fracture the human electrical field. The human body vibrating within its normal vibratory range between 62 and 68 MHz is considered in a state of health. But energy disturbances in the subtle bodies will actually precede the appearance of disease and illness in the physical body.

The normally harmonious coherent frequencies of the body easily go out of "tune" when a person experiences physical or emotional stress. A blockage of the flow of life energy - characterized by inflammation, irritation and illness - can result. When the human frequency range drops below the norm of 62 megahertz, this is when abnormal processes can begin to develop.

When disease and illness are present, they may manifest as chemical imbalances. But underlying this is an electromagnetic imbalance that has altered the specific vibrational frequencies of molecules, cells, tissues and organs within the body. Properly "retuning" the body to its original frequency brings it into balance and restores its natural harmonic resonance - illness either doesn't manifest or is resolved. According to Dr. Richard Gerber MD, author of Vibrational Medicine, one of the best ways we can change dysfunctional patterns in our energy bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of "frequency-specific subtle energy." The intention of this healing process is to provide the correct frequency that will bring the body back to a state of coherence, to a state of equilibrium.

If you think that you can handle it, without using a translator like google or similar, are you welcome to come with your offer


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translation from english into japanese

i i'll translate english into japanese with in minutes if you are intrested then let me know .

i i'll translate english into japanese with in minutes if you are intrested then let me know .

i will translate from english into japanese

i will provide just 5$

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