I want a simple website that has a similar GUI interface as whatsapp mobile...

  • TheRealRio
    TheRealRio Level 3
  • Mysql Javascri Php

    My website needs to be able to function on the mobile side. Right now it is...

  • johnuno11
    johnuno11 Level 1
  • Magento Javascri Php

    I need ?Website Script Create for me easy site same from here http: de-vanz...

  • expertpromotion
    expertpromotion Level 3
  • Script Site Build

    Hello, I need the clone of alexaboostup.com This site is a membership site ...

  • robertu06
    robertu06 Level 1
  • Php Mysql Autosurf

    Hello, I need to create on online questionnaire, same as: http: www.theeasy...

  • baddak
    baddak Level 1
  • Php Mysql

    who can connect two site together using websockets or tcp ip connection bot...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php5 6 Php7

    Hello, my NEWSPAPER website have 53,237 Posts totally, 2,324 Comments and r...

  • italianguy
    italianguy Level 1
  • Php Mysql Css

    I have a web page connected to the mySQL database. Now I want to show all D...

  • nadiaonline
    nadiaonline Level 3
  • Php Mysql

    I have a database file i believe it is csv and I want it imported to my WP ...

  • TheCoach
    TheCoach Level 1

  • you get jobs on site by posting what you re willing to do, and waiting for ...

  • ekumahost
    ekumahost Level 1
  • Php

    Hi, I am looking to integrate wordpress with amember.com script. Are you fa...

  • clerk4x
    clerk4x Level 1
  • php mysql html

    I have changed my old crashed site, which was a Wordpress blog, over to a D...

  • Ronstermonster
    Ronstermonster Level 1

  • I want some extra rules for mycred. reward program - points sharing post - ...

  • saraharne
    saraharne Level 1
  • Php Wordpres Mysql

    please i need to develop a collaborative filtering for my project, Its just...

  • prodesign
    prodesign Level 1
  • Programm Mysql Java

    a web application build with php5 needs to be changed the domain name, cont...

  • ekumahost
    ekumahost Level 1
  • Ui Ux

    User will register and login function, some details will be provided at reg...

  • ekumahost
    ekumahost Level 1
  • Php Bootstra Mysql

    So i have a codignitor based php script where i have recieved some upgrade ...

  • saraharne
    saraharne Level 1
  • Php Mysql Codeigni

    You will be creating complete ready to use database schema that can count a...

  • JonChp
    JonChp Level 1
  • Programi Sql Data

    hi ! I need a fresh and original work for a real estate WordPress theme. Th...

  • jackie
    jackie Level 1
  • wordpres php mysql

    I have purchased the metrotheme for phpBB from ?phpbb3.pixelgoose.com. I ne...

  • msayle
    msayle Level 1
  • Phpbb Php Html

    This is a custom website for student information portal, responsive design,...

  • bayogolding
    bayogolding Level 1
  • Design Programm Php

    who can upgrade my data base for me any one have the sofware for this simpl...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Sql Mysql Mmsql

    I need someone to setup boonex on my godaddy account, this includes setting...

  • link2012
    link2012 Level 1
  • sql database boonex

    job 1 upgrade php 5.2 script from register globals to ouath php 7.15 with s...

  • pokerlobby
    pokerlobby Level 1
  • Php Mysql Mmsql

    hello i have quite a few games i need to install in to my gaming site i nee...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php Mysql Mmsql

    I am looking for someone with experience moving websites to migrate a Wordp...

  • msayle
    msayle Level 1
  • Wordpres Mysql Php

    bring the backend function for the business owner to the front end dashboar...

  • saraharne
    saraharne Level 1
  • Wordpres Php Mysql

    Database - MySQL ? Build a database for a system, using one of the social n...

  • tahorul09
    tahorul09 Level 1
  • Msql Database

    Hello, i want an programmer who have experience with wordpress to create pl...

  • postcd
    postcd Level 1
  • php

    Project Overview: Search Engine Link Engine, Its supposed to have a sign-up...

  • erslan
    erslan Level 1

  • its php 5.6 shes install but having page redirect problems must be websocke...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php6 Server20 Websocke

    i will pay but ive also got a trade on this site if some one want to upgrad...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Programm Php7 Mysql

    re design f i v e r r images and php pages

  • aimal
    aimal Level 1
  • photosho php mysql

    I need a php developer to modify existing php script:- 1 Needs to integrate...

  • kushalahuja85
    kushalahuja85 Level 1
  • Php Sql Myql

    i just need the mysql in the code i include upgrading to mmsql ill pay 5- w...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php Mysql Mmsql

    Hi, we need an intervention on one of our management to end a part of impor...

  • NetHome
    NetHome Level 1
  • Php Mysql Javascri

    I recently updated my hosting PHP version and one of the hosted sites seems...

  • jobibex
    jobibex Level 1
  • Mysql Php

    I got mysql database on a VPS In 24 hours ive had 125 failed attempts, show...

  • TheRealRio
    TheRealRio Level 3
  • Mysql Server Webmin

    first i build the datbses connection script include < php include appli...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php5 6 Php7

    edit registration page to register into second database md5 to be exact nee...

  • rlencouk
    rlencouk Level 1
  • Php Mysql