I have a website in Wordpress with some litle bugs. - I want to clean it. -...

  • netposition
    netposition Level 1
  • Wordpres javascri ajax

    I need some1 who can solve my css, html problems in my wordpress theme, clo...

  • recep
    recep Level 1

    I have a page that will work as a one page blog guide article. Its all ther...

  • ajesto
    ajesto Level 1
  • wordpres formatti

    I need someone who is experience in css html to proof read and fix the outs...

  • chertan
    chertan Level 1
  • css html

    I am looking for someone to provide theme customization for me.

  • fuujoa
    fuujoa Level 1
  • wordpres blog html

    I have one single failure in my wordpress theme and cant find it. The task ...

  • stefang
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  • css html

    I need a PREMADE soundclick layout for my beat store. The header is the onl...

  • eddyblazejr
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  • graphics designer website

    Need a professional to help me finish some design work Includes: brief work...

  • air3lement
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  • photosho css

    I need Live Video Recording using WebRTC, the recording time limit only for...

  • topdeal
    topdeal Level 1

    I am looking for someone who can custom make me a theme through mainly CSS ...

  • Xyphien
    Xyphien Level 3
  • CSS coding theme

    I have HTML files of a theme, and I want them converted to WordPress. This ...

  • complexsolution
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  • css wordpres html

    I need customization to a wordpress Plugin named mTouch Quiz Plugin .Actual...

  • ahmedjadoon
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    i have added a 3rd party jquery widget image slider in my blog you need to ...

  • honestmuggle
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    I have a wordpress site that needs Google banner add space created for diff...

  • 00hand00
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  • progrmam develoep

    i don t have much time and cannot finish my website. i need somebody to fin...

  • air3lement
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  • be fluent in

    I need a landing page that replicates Facebook Mobile Version. I need the t...

  • BlastMyStats
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  • Html CSS java

    I want a very beautiful and elegant design for my sexe cam website. I will ...

  • ulcan
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  • I need a replica with some minor changes of a website that runs on javascri...

  • strausslevi
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  • Soundclick.com is a social networking and commerce site for hip hop beats c...

  • bobevansqwerty
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  • I am looking for someone to work on demand to provide me with a one page we...

  • burgoyn1
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  • I am using the Local Fusion WP plug in to create a one-page landing site wi...

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