I am looking for somebody who can coding and program the following. The ide...

  • delraycomputers
    delraycomputers Level 3
  • Coding Php Java

    I need someone to copy some Magento features from a competitors website and...

  • johnuno11
    johnuno11 Level 1
  • Php Sql Java

    I need e-commerce wordpress website. It should have: Guest Checkout option...

  • PegasusEnt
    PegasusEnt Level 1
  • Wordpres Wordpres Php

    I created a notification bar on my wordpress website and it worked fine, bu...

  • DirectingSkillz
    DirectingSkillz Level 1
  • Wordpres Html

    Hello, We are looking for someone who could help us get our hands on the co...

  • EDMSoundcloud
    EDMSoundcloud Level 1
  • Html

    Hello, work is done at 95%, there are just some bugs to correct, as the Mes...

  • nymphisios
    nymphisios Level 1
  • Php Encoding Ftp

    I have an online company called Minute Staff in which approved my PTC websi...

  • taylor0314
    taylor0314 Level 1
  • Php Coding Html

    Need an all around web developer to work with me for many jobs. for many of...

  • Hmtl Css Php

    I do not want to manually go through the process of looking at my recent tw...

  • AndyScovel
    AndyScovel Level 1
  • Googlewe Encoding Api

    i want a little script that work as following rules: this script is to foll...

  • rabih4483
    rabih4483 Level 1
  • Php Androidd Anything

    I need simple html codes made for my radio stations. 1. Video POP UP uStrea...

  • radioplay
    radioplay Level 1
  • Html Design Code

    According to W3C My website clarissagriffin.com has 14 errors and 1 warning...

  • rissa146146146
    rissa146146146 Level 1
  • Business Coding

    Can someone please teach me how to edit a pre built boot strap theme? I jus...

  • SocialsFinest
    SocialsFinest Level 1
  • Programm Web Design

    Looking for some one that can design a game app like Get Fiquette http: you...

  • Maddspins
    Maddspins Level 1
  • Coding Appdesig App

    I accidentallty deleted important files from my cPanel and I need someone w...

  • cyberskop
    cyberskop Level 1
  • Wordpres Coding Design

    I need someone to add the html markups on my Magento website for my product...

  • johnuno11
    johnuno11 Level 1
  • Html Coding Php

    I need someone to add the html markups on my Magento website for my product...

  • johnuno11
    johnuno11 Level 1
  • Seo Php Richsnip

    I need you to improve my website load time by lowering the page size and pu...

  • ncikman
    ncikman Level 1
  • Html Shrink Php

    There is a website, http: www.us-lotteries.com that is no longer live. I ve...

  • AppleDude18
    AppleDude18 Level 1
  • Coding Programm

    I need an experienced php developer that can merge a plugin into my theme, ...

  • bizzie
    bizzie Level 1
  • Php Wordpres

    I m looking for an EXPERT in Virtual Assistance to help us out with all of ...

  • DanaAlame
    DanaAlame Level 1
  • Adhesive Indian Romania

    This is a custom job for novamusicservices so if you re someone else, don t...

  • madamvoodoo
    madamvoodoo Level 1
  • Bots

    Just need a simple bot for this game which I m looking to earn money from t...

  • CitrusMedia
    CitrusMedia Level 1
  • Javascri Coding Programm

    I had bought a script of classified website from a dveloper , he promise me...

  • rozgaar4u
    rozgaar4u Level 3
  • Php Phpscrip

    Hi I have a psd home page well designed I need someone who can convert it t...

  • samerhouris
    samerhouris Level 1
  • Psdtowor Wordpres Php

    I need 5500 Soundcloud like and 700 repost among few tracks .. I need selle...

  • social24x7bee
    social24x7bee Level 1
  • Programm Social Media

    Need FAST and RELIABLE, web developer who knows html and php coding perfect...

  • SNAIndustries
    SNAIndustries Level 1
  • Html Php Fast

    I need a good coder to code me a custom jailbreak gamemode for Garry s Mod....

  • Olijedebt
    Olijedebt Level 1
  • Code Jailbrea Gamemode

    This should be a very simple bot to make. All I need is a bot software not ...

  • CitrusMedia
    CitrusMedia Level 1
  • Programm Coding Bot

    Hello, I need assistance with finalizing my website which is already in opp...

  • Solid13
    Solid13 Level 1
  • Php Programi Web

    Please read carefully: AssalamoAleykum, Only Muslims Should response I will...

  • Minepassword
    Minepassword Level 1
  • Wordpres Professi Designer

    change the image link from ,.. make it hosted on local kongsiblog.com and t...

  • runpatch
    runpatch Level 1
  • Programm Coding

    replace with image if thumb image not appear ,this is my site www.kongsiblo...

  • runpatch
    runpatch Level 1
  • Pligg Coding Html

    we need related news on our site like image below... and add categories tab...

  • runpatch
    runpatch Level 1
  • Programm Coding Html

    we need button share on www.sharethis.com to our site,.. put it on every su...

  • runpatch
    runpatch Level 1
  • Programm Coding Pligg

    we need this thumb on sidebar is small image and same resolution ..the prob...

  • runpatch
    runpatch Level 1
  • Coding Programm Html

    I have a youtube script. I need a coder to take a look at it and set it up ...

  • thebot
    thebot Level 1
  • Php Java Html5

    I need a script, code or plugin for a wordpress site. I m creating a wordpr...

  • rizly77
    rizly77 Level 1
  • wordpres php script

    Hello, So I have a HTML Page and theres Contact Us form, I want someone to ...

  • RouteandPort
    RouteandPort Level 1
  • html php coding

    We need a customized java-script to design a widget that will be used as a ...

  • pamedge
    pamedge Level 1
  • programm java scriptin