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Great weekend to every member of this awesome family. My question today will be based on mind and body and how we remain motivated for life activities to go on. There is something that I know in life and that is abo...

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    Barida Level 1
  • 58 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hobby! Hobbies are gifts from God unto men so they will have something to do when they have nothing else to do! So you can have something to do that you enjoy doing. And hobbies are such a great way to ...

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    idealmike Level X3
  • 15 5 years ago

    Whenever it comes to be tax season do you ever think of how much you have to pay? Well if you donate money to local businesses or communities you can usually get a tax write off and avoid paying taxes if your donation i...

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    TommyCarey Level X3
  • 12 5 years ago

    Hey Guys, This is a super common question and I usually don't even try to answer something like this, because these questions are not only annoying.. Most of them are also asked by newcomers who've never done anythi...

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    hitmeasap Level X5
  • 9 5 years ago