Build your blog over time and it won't seem like a burden

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Build your blog over time and it won't seem like a burden

When most marketers start a blog, they have the intention of profiting from it relatively quickly, but that's not how it works, you need to build the content over time and bring people in gradually.  Blogging isn't something you can do pick up right away and be successful at it unless you have prior journalism experience, which most of us do not, so take your time when writing content for the blog you want to make a profit later on.

If you've been following me, then you know I've been writing content for a long time now.  I've written for fortune 500 companies, mom and pop shops, and I've written thousands of articles for myself as well as friends.  I've learned a massive amount about how to write, what to write about, when to write about something, and how to keep people engaged but it took me a long time to pull back the reigns and realize I need to publish content gradually and not dozens of posts each week.

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few ways to help build your content and blog so you don't get overburdened, you love what you're doing, and you'll have the energy to keep writing for years down the road Build your blog over time and it won

Publishing 10+ posts a day can be exhausting
When I first started to write content I was publishing at least 10 articles a day to my various websites.  I would also write for my clients and help them with their blogs when they needed it, so I was pretty burnt out after a while.

After a few months of doing this day after day, I realized that my content was starting to slip.  I would write the same amount of words per article, but it lacked a certain something.  I then realized that I had lost my will to write anything good, and I was now going through the motions to get the job done that I set for myself. 

After realizing the problem, I started to fix it gradually.  I began to pull back on the amount of content I was writing for my sites and started focusing on higher-quality posts, around 1 or 2 per day so that I wouldn't feel so burnt out at the end of the week.  I started to charge my clients more for each article, which I knew would lose me some clients, but I was still profiting the same amount while working less Build your blog over time and it won

Focus on EverGreen topics
One thing that works well is an EverGreen topic.  If you don't know what this is, it's a topic that never loses steam and will always stay relevant to the industry you're writing about.  Sometimes these topics are tough to come by and other times they're all over the place within your niche, you just need to find them Build your blog over time and it won

After you figure out a few Ever Green topics you can start to write about them.  Take your time with this because if you can get these articles ranked you will want the readers to love what they find.  This means you need to think of long-form content, adding images, using quotes, and doing all the fancy things the big blogs are doing in order to keep your visitors on the page and continuing to read.

Blog about what you love, not what makes money
It's funny how blogging works because if you're blogging to make money then you tend to make less than if you blogged about something you truly love and you're not trying to profit from your content. 

I've written articles in the past about things I knew would get me traffic, the traffic turning into customers, and those customers coming back from time to time.  I've also written articles for my sites that I did for myself because I wanted that content on my blog.

Guess what?  The content I wrote for myself tends to naturally rank better than the ones I write for the search engines lol.  This is usually because people see your emotion in the content and start to respond whereas the content you're writing to make money might not have the same flare. 

Optimize your content along the way
As you begin to write your content you may not think optimization is important.  Well, you'll start thinking that when you see other blogs in your industry collecting payment after payment and then you'll be too far behind lol.  Going back to edit all of your content can be a monumental task, so start optimizing from day one and you won't have to go back to do all that hard work.

Also, optimizing from day one will help your content rank quicker than if you go back in a year and optimize it for the rankings.  Some of your content can rank in a week, pull in customers, and that means more money in your pocket compared to your content not being optimized until you realize it's something important and you go back to fix it.

Final thoughts,
Take your time when writing blog content because no one wants to land on a page with a few paragraphs of words that seem to be jumbled together.  Write something 2,000+ words long for each post and make sure you're using images and keeping the reader interested.  Don't worry about what other people are doing with their blogs, you should focus on taking your time and publishing the best content within your niche, and the readers will begin to gravitate towards you over time Build your blog over time and it won

Thanks for reading Build your blog over time and it won

- Tommy Carey


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