How to Build Background Links Backlinks Correctly in 2019

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How to Build Background Links Backlinks Correctly in 2019

How to Build Background Links Backlinks Correctly in 2019
What are backlink backlinks?

How you can get the best results by a few backlinks "Backlinks"

The basics you need before you work Backlinks.

Rules you should follow to improve the quality of your backlinks

Background links that you should not use at the first level.

Automated Backlinks

Let me now show you how to maintain the authority of your site.

How to Create Background Backlinks

Power of Backlink

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This new guide will teach you how to build Backlinks in 2018. Each strategy you read will be tested by us accurately.

Through hundreds of successful SEO campaigns, we now know what works and what does not work.

What are backlink backlinks?

A "backlink" is created when an external Web site is linked to your site. This is why some people refer to them as "external backlinks".

Here's how it looks:

These links are a big part of the ranking puzzle in the search engines, so before we get to the strategy of building heavy backlinks ... you need to make sure that your site is ready for the back link.

How you can get the best results by a few backlinks "Backlinks"

The truth about backlink backlinks is that it's actually expensive and time-consuming. To overcome this problem you must learn how to get the most out of all backlinks.

Here's how you can achieve this goal:

You must have a technically enhanced site

You must have a strong site structure

You must have valuable content

The basics you need before you work Backlinks.

1. Repair all technical errors

The configuration errors hurt the user experience. When the user experience hurts Google limits the number of visits from your search engine to your site. The first thing you need to do is avoid rushing the process otherwise you might end up wondering, "Why do not I have the backlinks !?"

Think of search engine optimization as a big mystery. You can not complete the puzzle without getting all the pieces, and making sure to improve your site technically is one important penalty to improve your position in search engines.

Here are the technical issues you need to look for:

Site load speed (use Google PageSpeed ??statistics)

Mobile compatibility (use Google's Mobile Compatibility Verification with Google)

Duplicate Content (Using Siteliner)

302 redirects

404 errors

Duplicate META data

Incorrect uses of directives (noindex, nofollow, etc.)

You can use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to find most of these issues, such as 302 redirects, redirect strings, 404 errors, basic errors, duplicate META data, and incorrect uses of directives.

2. Produce valuable content

Content is the last and most important part of the puzzle. If you think the content is not important, you should stop reading now. It does not matter how many backlinks you get, no matter how well your site is optimized. Your campaign will ultimately fail to improve your ranking in search engines if you do not take content seriously.

Just understand that your content will determine the success of your SEO campaign.

Rules you should follow to improve the quality of your backlinks

1.The link between the back link and the subject

Relevance is the most important criterion for effective engagement. In order to do so you should pay attention to these three things:

General content "Subject" of the field of connectivity

Content on the linking page

The relevance of background links to reach the same domain

Power of Location Authority

In short, the stronger the site, the better the results, I recommend that you analyze each site you use using all available options, you can rely on these correlation analysis tools. None of these tools are perfect but they will do this work.

The best correlation analysis tools are:



moz Site Explorer

2. Focus on real sites (with real trafic)

Getting backlinks from real sites is another way to strengthen your site. These are the toughest backlinks to get but are also more useful. Since you will never know accurate visitor data for a site without entering its analytics, you'll need to use SEM Rush.

3. Get backlinks from clean sites.

Focus your efforts on getting background links from high-standard sites. You will have to examine each future website and focus on the strength and amount of spam score for the site. The spam score is evaluated for the site on a scale of 1 to 10. Therefore you should not exceed 2 out of 10 for any location

Background links that you should not use at the first level.

There are some backlinks that your sites should never use. If you decide to use these background links, all you need to know is that the risk of punishment is much greater.

General backlinks networks

You can go almost on any site specializing in seo and buy backlinks on public networks. These networks often advertise their service as "private networks". But this is a lie once the network advertising is no longer private.

It's easy for Google to discover these networks because:

There is an excessive amount of outgoing or external links backlinks (typically 25 to 50+) on the home page. The home page does not contain real websites on the ridiculous amount of backlinks links on the home page.

External links are not fully connected to each other There will be links to gambling sites, search engine optimization sites, fitness sites, and more.

Blog comments that contain DoFollow links

These are some of the cheaper backlinks that you can purchase. They are also a perfect recipe for getting a penalty. Large amounts of outgoing links + non-links


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Social media engagement also plays a wonderful role in getting decent traffic, provided everything is done right. I heard Pinterest is doing well these days compared to FB. I'm not sure. What are your thoughts on that?

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Traffic must be targeted at social media sitesAnd choosing the right time for a successful advertising campaign

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