Bizarre, This Method Helped Me Rank In The Top 5 Freelancers on SEOClerks

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Bizarre, This Method Helped Me Rank In The Top 5 Freelancers on SEOClerks

That's right and it can be seen here, just click! I used different tweaks throughout the years for the services we offer on the marketplace and low and behold...

That LITERALLY helped me achieve Spot 4 in the Freelancers section! Look being nice to your buyers is probably the best method to get your brand out there and even better it will earn you positive feedback and regular customers, that will help you growing your SEOClerks profile!

What we did is basically following a few simple rules that we will list below to process our orders and this happened...

Rule #1: Registration on SEOClerks

  • Read carefully the rules of SEOClerks.
  • Choose a creative "Username", which will look professional and easy to remember.
  • Fill out your profile details.
  • Create social media accounts and regularly share your services on them.
  • If you are already registered and you have a "dummyusername932952" there is no need to create a duplicate account. Contact support and they will change it for you.
Rule #2: Create unique services
  • Always use unique photos that are designed professionally in Photoshop/Gimp for every single service.
  • Never steal photos from other sellers or from Google. This avoids service takedowns by large corporations and vendors because they can report you with just one click and SEOClerks will be forced to delete your service without notice, with which result in loosing your feedback you got until that moment and your service will fail.
  • Do not copy descriptions of other services, because if such a service is noticed by the seller that owns that content, they can immediately report your service to the staff and it will be deleted and you will receive an infraction.
  • It's recommended to have a video for the services you offer, it increases conversions and people look will think of you as a professional.
  • Once you reach Level 2+, make sure to add Service Extras, which will increase your profit by 50% and help you rank higher!

Rule #3: Offer more than one service, follow your buyers and bump your services every day
  • Always fill your profile with at least 12 services.
  • Never publish the same service twice, because if the Staff team notices that, they will have to suspend your service.
  • Follow your buyers and they may also follow you back. If they follow you back, they will always be notified of new services you list and status updates you post.
  • Bump your services. Delivering on time and receiving positive feedbacks earns you FREE BUMPS!

Rule #4: Make sure to focus on more positive feedbacks
  • Politely ask buyers for positive feedback after completing the order. Do not bother or force them to give you feedback, because this can be annoying and you can get a negative for that.
  • Offer extra services or bonuses for free in exchange for a positive feedback.
  • Offer discounts on future purchases when you complete the order.

Rule #5: Negative feedback and the proper way of having it removed
  • If you get negative feedback, do not panic.
  • Never insult your customers if they give you negative feedback.
  • Try to work things out politely, tell your buyer that you are sorry that they did not like the service.
  • Offer them something more in return to have them agree on feedback removal.
  • Contact Support once you have buyer consent for feedback removal and they will be glad to remove it for you, while being polite and professional.

The problem is everyone is doing the opposite. They start earning a few bucks, spend them and become LAAAZY. By becoming lazy, they become rude and unresponsive. This leads to failure. Stick to these rules and you will succeed.

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Really Thanks for sharing Great Ideas for Newbies Sellers

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You are welcome, hopefully it helps! This will point new users in the right direction.

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Thanks for your Great information

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How about following your own advice and RESPONDING to this customer who needs help. That I'm even here posting this shows that your customer support, in my case, has been BAD.

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