Local Leads for any niche and any city for $5

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Local Leads for any niche and any city

My service includes getting local leads for any niche whether it is plumbers,hair dressers,lawyers,nurses,business owners of any type,etc and also any city in the world,Chicago,San Diego,London,Perth,Toronto,etc .
I will get you phone numbers,Facebook pages,emails and websites.
Please note that some of these leads may not have all the variables,like for example,some could have emails but not phone number and vice versa.At least i will make sure that you have the means of contacting them because that is the essence of getting these leads anyway.One thing is guaranteed,i will definitely get you their Facebook page which will make them easier to reach.

So if you have any questions or concerns,you can contact me.
I will be getting you 500 leads per city any where in the world.
But please be aware that depending on the niche there may not be up to 500 leads in that city so i will inform you of the leads i got if it is not up to 500 and require that you can add extra cities so as to make up the number.

You can request for any city at all,each city/town gets you 500 leads for $5.


Leads Business Local Sales Fresh Emails Seo
Pay for three gigs and get one extra gig 0 days $15
Do custom formatting of result csv file as you seem fit 0 days $10

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