• Ultrasonic Wars Or Fighting Against the Sound of Silence And Living Without Pain
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The "wake up and take control of your life" approach has never been so actual as it is now. The author will show you how nowadays it is possible to master yourself, your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life, under the only condition, that you will deeply understand, how our modern civilized world functions. It is not easy to do, because there is a great general tendency to hide the truth from the population as much as it is possible, so that to make money on people's ignorance and wrong reactions. During the last 30 years our civilized world is being completely changed due to the main well-known factors: the surveillance private systems are being widely installed everywhere and in all countries, and their precision, efficiency and complete territory coverage are as high as it never has been before. The broadband presence made communication between whatever points of our planet as an instant one for all people, who can use it. The wide usage of CCTVs, smartphones and the broadband communication made it hardly possible to hide any secret in the world. To master your life you must know what is this grave external factor, that can completely destroy all your best intentions and cause to lose everything, that you have, without any your clear understanding why all this happens. Our reality is being buried in complex installations of high precision surveillance systems, that unfortunately can be instantly transformed into the most powerful weapon ever existed on our planet. You must wake up from your dreams and master your life under new changed life conditions. More savvy and determined you will be in this, more happy and healthy will be your life. It is enough to lose health or money, so that not to be able to achieve your life goals.

The author, being scientist and using scientific approach as a method of investigation, will show you in details what are those dishonest methods, that give to hidden strangers a power over you, your life and that of your family. For updates and news please visit the relative website ultrasonicwars.com and nadezdamikusovaconsultancy.com.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. 1. What is the ultrasonic hazard and its origin.

  3. 2. Ultrasonic beams presence detection methods.
  4. 2.1. Human hand sensor method.
  5. 2.2. Presence of destruction traces in environment and on a human body.
  6. 2.3. Simple special detection methods of ultrasonic beams action.

  7. 3. Methods of protection against ultrasonic hazard phenomenon.
  8. 3.1. Protect spaces where you live against ultrasonic hazard and survive.
  9. 3.2. Attack of ultrasonic beams on our mental and decision taking capacities and how to protect us against this phenomenon.

  10. 4. Behavior attitudes in the era of the massive 24/7 ultrasonic aggression.
  11. 4.1. The most important rules for survival in the ultrasonic hazard era.
  12. 4.2. How to avoid to become "their" zombie.
  13. 4.3. “Call, say and photograph” protection attitude.
  14. 4.4. Recognize, evaluate and protect yourself against the ultrasonic hazard.

  15. 5. Combined method of the ultrasonic attack.

  16. 6. The most diffused actions of destruction of industrial products.

  17. 7. Some ultrasonic tricks.

  18. Disclaimer

Excerpt from the eBook

Our modern life is strictly dependent on the invention of the artificial electrical current. Our civilized humanity has been living in this magnificent invented artificial world during less than 2 hundred years and this great invention, and other great inventions connected with the artificial electricity, have radically changed the human life on our planet. We cannot even imagine now how to live without these commodities, that serve to make us more free, than all other creatures on the Earth. We are very happy with them, we feel ourselves strong, independent and capable to do many extraordinary things, that cannot be compared with anything else. This all is done during only the last 200 years! The invention of bicycle and motorized vehicles changed radically our way of living to more relaxed one, and offered larger possibilities to spend our time doing the things we want to. All the achievements of these last years are really remarkable and unique in all the history of the mankind.

In this story, based on the invention of the artificial electricity, there is one particular but actually decisive invention, that nobody prefers to talk about, but that has become the subject determining our present life and our future. What is it? - It is the discovery of the piezoelectricity by Pierre Curie and Paul-Jacques Curie in 1880, and the development on this basis of the universal ultrasonic cable net system, in which our civilization has imprisoned itself due to a presumably abusive and not officially approved its installation, and an abusive usage of it for also eventually illegal purposes. It is very probable, that this sophisticated net is present now all over the world. Its existence is not only hidden from the major part of population, because it is perfectly silent and nobody officially talks or discusses something regarding this, but it is also silently used everywhere and in every moment against population, and it has become a silent destructive factor, strongly terrorizing everything and everybody in the civil world.

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