Digital product ready made as eBook for $20

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Digital product ready made as eBook

Gig offer

Did you know that you could be earning $10 if you could sell this Gig /service to anyone around the Globe?
-yes, you could make it; by taking action today.
How come?

  • As an affiliate on Seoclerck, you get a commission just by promoting this service. Simple and fast program!!!
How does it work*?
post the link on your blog for example or wherever you could so, that others could possibly buy it. This is the simplest way to earn by doing nothing much but, placing it right there around other services that you may actually have.

Did you know that this service is guaranteed with 25 % back ??
-yes, indeed!!!

Only this Week offer price was $10; now is only $20 / outlined eBook.

This service after the purchase will send you a ready-made file as an eBook outlined by the Author with full rights to re-make it, sell it, not to resell it but to complete or just with your Title, Subtitle, and other additional information according to with your idea/needs/

Why buy it?

  • You will start writing any eBook from this outline ready-made
  • You will have tips & tricks + marketing tools references and more already in it freely included
  • You get absolutely 10 beautiful pages with ready-made text to make you the next write, a publisher with full rights that could be convertible in anything you wish, keep reading!

What do I do after if I created my own eBook?

  • Convert it in Online Course
  • Convert it in any format and sell it on your store or other platforms; even on Seoclerck
  • Pre-orders could be one option
  • Re-create a book out of it; depends on the length of it
  • Create an audiobook

Q & A?
Is it worth the money?
Although this is your own project to give you a simple answer is, yes.
if you create it and sell it in so many ways multiplied imagine the profits think first for your margins
1 copy sold for $1 x 1000000 =1 mil $
1 copy sold for $100 x 10000 = 1 mil $
  • The choice is yours
  • The same is an accurate formula for any book that's upcoming.

Do you create eBook full ready to re-sell with my rights?
-Yes, the Cost is 1000$ for 150 pages on a chosen niche & you get an online Corse free outline ready to customized with tips, tricks to help you grow from there in after.

The only way people will buy it is just if you :
-have value
-have a good price
-do the right marketing campaigns
-duplicate the formula
-re-sell it in many other languages

Endless ways to say so.
*If you need extras or have some other questions pls. just ask
**Make sure you are an affiliate

What's included

Topic ResearchReferencesProject Management


write ebook publish book howto reading


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write 10 extra tips with outline in 10 more pages 2 days $20
research readymade niche10 pages myself with interactive features 2 days $35
150 pages eBook on chosen niche re-seller rights 30 days $1000

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