Link Directory Submitter. Submit links to more than 2,500 Directories effortlessly MRR for $7

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Link Directory Submitter. Submit links to more than 2,500 Directories effortlessly MRR

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Forget Asking For A Link Exchange…
Directory Submission is the Key to Strengthening Your Google PR & Increasing Your SE Rank!

The Current Version is v3.0 loaded with more
then 2700+ Directories and loads more features!

Let's recap on what you can expect from the Link Directory Submitter:

* You'll increase your site popularity in record time.
* You'll receive more traffic by gaining a higher position in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
* You'll stop wasting time manually submitting to link directories.
* You won't have to search for themed websites. We now have more then 2700+ quality directories already included.
* You will greatly reduce your reciprocal links from your website because more then half the directories included in the software require NO back links to them.
* You'll cut down the number of directory rejections.
* You don't have to upload anything to your website. Everything is done from your desktop!
* You can submit ALL of your sites by using multiple profiles.
* The software is so easy, my 10-year-old niece whizzed through it in a matter of minutes!
* Each link directory in the submitter shows the directory's current Google PR.
* You get FREE lifetime updates to any new versions we release.
* You get fresh link directories to submit to by simply clicking the Update Directory Button from within the software, Each month we add between 50-100+ new directories into the submitter.
* The Link Title, Site Description and Keywords are rotated with each submission to a directory. This is to make each submission look as unique as possible from each other, and also to help get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles.
* Import and Export website profiles is now also included
* Users can now assign a custom color to each directory in the submitter, this is useful if the user wishes to use a color coding system to keep track of submissions or anything else.
* A submission history report feature has been added to allow the user to export and email a submission history report to their clients or for their personal records.
* New Feature v2.4: You can now add your own link directories into the submitter or bulk import directories from .txt files or excel exported .csv file
* New Feature v2.4: Multi Tabbed Browsing - Run up to 10 browsers within the submitter which will greatly increase the submission process, because as you submit your website to one directory another directory will load in the other browser tabs and be ready for you to submit your website.
* New Feature v2.4: Category Auto-Completion. Enter one or more categories/subcategories for each site profile and Directory Submitter will auto-select the category for you on the submit page in your order of preference.
* New Feature v2.4: Alpha sorting of directories from A-z and Z-a also Pr sorting of the directory list.
* New Feature v2.4: Search option to find any directory in the submitter quickly.
* New Feature v2.4: Add comments to any directory in the submitter.
* New Feature v2.4: You can now add your own link directories into the submitter.
* New Feature v2.4: A reciprocal manager script fully integrated with Directory Submitter. It's now easier than ever to submit to reciprocal directories. Just click a button.
* New Feature v2.4-v3.0: 2700+ directories now and also a new database structure to increase the loading/refresh time when a user moves between filters and when using large directory lists (more than 5000 sites).
* New Feature v2.4: Auto Save, so you won't ever lose your submission history.
* New Feature v2.4: Auto Update Notice if there is a new version of Directory Submitter out or if there is an update to the directory database you will be notified.
* New Feature v2.4: Improved custom directory support and more configuration options and adding your directories is now easier than ever.
* New Feature v2.4: A directory database checker and PR updater integrated in the submitter.
* New Feature v2.4: You can now export/import your own custom directory database.
* You now also have access to brand new step by step video tutorials that will take you through every process of using the software, It could not be any easier.
* that shows you step by step how to use the software.
* New Feature v3.0: Directory Crawler - With this powerful new feature you can get Link Directory Submitter to search all the directories in the submitter or only the directories you have submitted your website to and see if your listing has been approved or not, and if the submitter finds that your website was approved/listed then those directories will be marked in the software as approved automatically, and you will also be able to create a Snapshot HTML report for this information so you can share it with your clients or anyone you think needs a copy of this information, but that is not all you also have the option to include more general info into the Snapshot HTML report for the website you are submitting, like Google Pr, Google Inbound Links, Pages Indexed in Google, and Yahoo Inbound Links and Pages Indexed in Yahoo.... Plus you have the option to include the (Serp Data) Search Engine Position for keywords/phrases you are trying to rank for in the search engines...
* New Feature v3.0: You can now manually mark a directory from the directory tree to Approved/Not Approved.
* New Feature v3.0: You can now sort the directory list by the directory status in the submitter.
* New Feature v3.0: You can now see the url of each directory from the list just by hovering your mouse over the directory.
* New Feature v3.0: You can now mark a directory in the submitter as broken if you find it has some issues at the moment.
* New Feature v3.0: You can now instantly see the Google PR for any directory and page on the directory with the new PR indicator that is found next to the url address window in the web browser in the software.
* New Feature v3.0: Added a 1 Click Fast access for editing your website profiles in the submitter.
* New Feature v3.0: All popups and java script error windows are automatically blocked.
* submitting your website to directories and how to increase the chances of your website being noticed.


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