• Social Media Shortcuts for MLMers, a guide to rapid success
  • Pages 38
  • Chapters 7
  • Format PDF
A 38 page eBook that will change how you run your MLM business - Fully Automate Twitter and Make it PAY - Harness the Awesome Power of YouTube - Make Facebook do ALL Your Hard Work - Build Social Influence Quickly and Easily

Table of Contents

  1. SEO & Why you don’t have time for that!
  2. Twitter – It’s a sewer in there!
  3. YouTube – The fast track to success with Google
  4. Facebook – What did we ever do before this?!
  5. Internet Influence – Where to get it quickly and easily
  6. Free Breakfast and Lunch Every Day
  7. Bonus – Books you need to read

Excerpt from the eBook

Dear Marketer,
My name is Don Dobbie; I’m the Owner of Aligned Advertising & Communications Ltd. In my business I help business owners identify the best customers for their services or products and help to build the tools they need to EASILY reach their most valued markets and multiply their results.

Since you're reading my report, I think it’s important that you learn a little bit about me. My marketing career hasn’t always been an easy road...

My life has been a journey with some ups and downs! I’ve tried a lot of different jobs and owned a few businesses in the past. I’ve taken jobs doing electronics manufacturing, plastics fabrication, selling furniture and telemarketing…

I was able to make enough money to pay my bills with those jobs but I knew that those jobs would never provide the level of success I wanted for myself. I started companies because I thought that “sales” was the #1 thing a company needed and “I’m good at selling stuff”. But again and again, my businesses generated mediocre results.

I ran; a manufacturing company that made sewn accessories for rock climbing, an import / sales company that brought in shipping containers of electronics from China and a cleaning chemicals supply company that sold exclusively to heavy industry. Each of my companies had “potential” to go BIG but they never did. I found myself working for a similar amount of money no matter what I did and how hard I worked.

Not to mention that I was now working non-stop. I would eat, sleep and breathe my businesses. Constantly grinding on-and-on to the point where I was always talking about my business with all my family and friends, or anyone who’d listen! My girlfriend was beginning to finish my work stories and steal my punch-lines! (If I thought that was a problem, imagine how she felt!) I realized that there was something I was missing in my businesses.

I thought that I was “marketing” my businesses well… Until one day, I had a coffee with a good marketing consultant. He was clear, direct and straight to the point. He asked questions I had never thought of, or was too afraid to ask. He didn’t care about how I did things or where I was saving money on this or that. He drilled deeper and deeper into one area alone “who’s paying you the most, and why?” This opened my eyes to what IS truly the #1 thing in business, marketing. I started to see things from a “backwards” starting point.

I became most interested in where the money was coming from first and how I could multiply my efforts without hiring a bunch of salespeople. I realized that I was never going to be able to do this with my existing companies coupled with the budget and time I had, so I sold them, and decided to learn how to be just like the guy I had coffee with. 3 years later, I’m a successful owner of an Advertising Agency who is writing this report for you about some things I wish I’d known years ago, before I started my first large venture.

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