I will Write a Unique and SEO-optimized Article of 500+ Words for $4

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SEO optimized
The article will be SEO optimized. I will use keyword/synonym on title, heading and first paragraph
Grammatical Error Free
I will use Grammerly to avoid errors
Well Researched
Article will be well researched. I will read top articles before start writing

I will Write a Unique and SEO-optimized Article of 500+ Words

I use Grammarly to avoid grammatical errors. Yoast SEO Plugin helps me to write an article optimized for a particular keyword. SEO, Webmaster, Adsense, Blogspot are my favorite niche.

You Can Place an Order For An Article of 500+ words, 750+ words and 1000+

Please read my article as a sample before ordering this service

You will get a very cheap and simple article. It will be 500+ words. You can give me any topic. Therefore, I will write an article on that topic. It will be-

  1. SEO Optimized for 1/2 Keywords. As a blogger, I know how to write SEO optimized article.
  2. As a non-native writer, I will check my grammar on the grammar checking tool
  3. I will do proper research. I usually read 5 to 10 top-rated articles on Google before writing an article on that topic.
  4. I can write on any topic. But SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging are my comfort zone.
For more details, please message me. I am a non-native writer and my English is not so good. Please check the sample. Order my Service if you are really satisfied with it.

What's included

Topic ResearchData AnalystReferencesProofreading


Article Blog Content Writing


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Quick 1 day delivery
If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.
Extra 250 Words, total- 750+ words 1 days $2
Extra 500 Words, total-1000+ words 1 days $3
Extra 100 Words, total-1500+ words 1 days $6

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