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Get your Backlinks Indexed - Backlink Indexer Software

Get your backlinks indexed on multiple search engines by this magnificent tool.

Index Multiple URLs all at once with just a simple click. Some tools only allow you to index URLS one at a time which can be very time consuming if you have like hundreds of Backlinks.

What does a Indexer tool do?

Well if you have tons of backlinks that are not indexed in search engines then they're a complete waste of time because the search engines cannot see them to rank your website.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to get as many backlinks indexed as possible to get recognition for them. That way your site has more of a chance to rank higher.

Indexing URLS can take a while to a short period of time for the search engines to index them, it varies but you still have to keep using Indexing tools for this to happen.

Only index the same URLS 2-3 times a week not everyday because this can annoy search engines and think that you are spamming their system. So proceed with caution and do it the right way.


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