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If you own a laptop or a computer, you probably looked for one which has a huge storage capacity before purchasing it. We all need the space to save files, movies, music, photos, and even applications that we need.

You may be a music lover or love to have a complete collection of the movies that you love. Or just like most of us, you love taking photos and save each and every file, refusing to delete any of them.Who can blame you? These are important to you!Still, we all know that as time passes, we accumulate files on our laptops and computers that make our devices lag with every use.Before the advent of external hard drives, we are often forced to tediously go over our precious files and find which ones we can afford to delete just to free up some space. Who loves doing this, really?Another problem that we face with laptops and computers is that failing to back up our important files on another device increases the risk of losing them in the event of a hard –drive crash. One day you’re working perfectly fine on your laptop then suddenly it dies on you.

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How to Choose the Best External DriveIf you know the importance of having an external drive where you can save and backup your files, you should know that there are important factors that you should consider before purchasing. In the same way that you carefully each specification of your smartphone or computer, you should also examine the different options there are for external drives.Since you will be storing your important files in these babies, you would want something that you can rely on—not something that will fail you. These are the things that you should consider when choosing an external drive:

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