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A high ranking blog dedicated to topics related to technology and gadgets. Its DA and PA is 29 and 39 respectively (as of 4th June, 2017). It gets more than 1000+ visitors in a day and is regularly updated.

Each article is also shared on 10+ social media channels of the blog!

I will include 1 of YOUR articles (should be related to technology) in the blog. It can have upto 3 do follow backlinks with anchors. It should have at least 1 good image (recommended is 2 or 3) and 500 words minimum.

If you want me to write an article for you as well, you will have to purchase an extra [which is $20. If you can't see the extra, you can order 2 services and message me the topic, and I'll write a unique and related article]

Limitations - What the blogger will and will not write about.
I keep the right to reject any article not in line with the blog. I also don't except any adult, dating, spammy, alcohol or gambling related articles/images etc

User Ratings

  • maxims
    maxims 9 months ago

    I thank you for your work

    • hdaackda

      Thank you very much. Excellent communication, knew exactly what was needed

  • jackreview111
    jackreview111 1 year ago

    Your site is very good and the article is great, I appreciate your service. Later on if there is a chance I will place more orders from you, thanks for your work

    • hdaackda

      thank you very much!!! I am honoured by your review

  • niravsampat2
    niravsampat2 3 years ago

    Have not completed the order as per requirement.

  • GrandPlaton
    GrandPlaton 3 years ago

    Well done. thx

    • hdaackda

      most welcome

  • cabarete
    cabarete 3 years ago

    Perfect, thank you!

Buyers Comments

  • ehabh

    There is no extra in the service for writing an article!

    3 years ago
  • hdaackda

    Oops, sorry for that. Will include it right now, but honestly, you might be better off getting an article from another freelancer as I would be slightly expensive

    3 years ago
  • ToBiplane

    Is service availible?
    PM examples, please

    1 year ago
  • hdaackda

    Yes, still available. I'll PM you the examples

    1 year ago
  • jackreview111

    How to know https://gadgtecs.com/ is your website?

    1 year ago
  • hdaackda

    email at contact @ gadgtecs.com

    1 year ago
  • jackreview111

    My page is about software, plugins, themes ... can you write an article about my site okay, I will pay you $ 10

    1 year ago
  • hdaackda

    Sorry sir, the $10 fee is just for publishing the article. To write the article, the fee is seperate.

    1 year ago
  • nycpaul

    Hi - Can you post an article and add us to your ads.txt file.

    8 months ago
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