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Buy 9000 Medium Claps and 200+ Followers

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Why you need to buy Medium claps:

  • Easiest, fastest and foolproof way to grow your Medium story instantly with a few hundred Medium claps
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  • Go viral
  • Save you time. Instead of wasting long hours getting zero or just a few Medium claps, spend your valuable hours writing and posting
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Why baddhidurgarao is the best place to buy Medium claps:
  • Non-drop claps
  • No spam or Medium claps bot
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What you need to provide us to get claps for Medium story:
  • Medium story link not account link
  • or Public Shared Social Media Links. (Upto 5 links)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying Medium claps:
  1. Are the Medium claps real or fake? All Medium claps you buy are from real people who spend time reading stories on Medium.
  2. Will my account be suspended? No. We get real users to clap your post hence it’s safe to buy Medium claps from us.
  3. Will my Medium claps drop a few weeks after buying? This is highly unlikely because we get you real Medium claps.


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