Money making reddit bot for $99

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Money making reddit bot

This reddit bot can create limitless accounts and drive posts to the top of subreddits via upvotes using only
free, public proxies!

With this bot, you can do one of the following:

1) Advertise your affiliate sites or sites monetized with ads. This works best for blogs,
news pages, viral sites etc. which concentrate on a wide audience. You
can simply post each new article to a multitude of subs and drive it to
the front pages and enjoy the free traffic. Keep in mind, you gain best
results by posting this to relevant subs where users will find it
interesting and therefore more likely to engage with the content. This
is one of the best ways to make money from reddit.

2) Sell accounts. Reddit accounts are highly sought after. A single 1 year old reddit
account costs $5. One can simply register thousands upon thousands of
accounts and sell them a year later for a hefty profit.

3) Sell upvotes/front page services. Plenty of people will want their content
exposed in front of a big audience. Plenty of people will buy upvotes
for promotion and spam reasons. You can sell them on forums, FB groups,
discord channels etc.

4) Spam your content. Another good way is to simply focus on quantity, rather than
quantity. Just spam your content around reddit and wait for the traffic.
Another similar method is to spam Amazon products which you are
affiliated with asking for a review. There are plenty of twists which
can make this work well.

There are other bots of this kind out there but one has a few special things about it.

Firstly, it uses proxies very efficiently in a way that the bad ones will be circulated until the desired amount of upvotes/accounts created
is reached. If you import lots of bad, free proxies in other bots and
set it to do 100 upvotes, it may only deliver 15 upvotes due to most of
the proxies being bad. However, this one will circulate the proxies
until all of the upvotes have been delivered, making it a lot more
convenient to use.

Secondly, it has some protection built in. It stores proxy and accounts info in a file which will memorize them and circulate them in a
way where the newest account/proxy used will be the last one to be used
again. This counters spam of the same proxies and accounts resulting in

Also, it makes users browse around subs and deliver random upvotes to make them appear more natural. This, in turn, gives better retention on
fresh, empty accounts.

You can also import any accounts or proxies to do your bidding. Here are some screenshots and videos:

VIDEO: https://www.useloom....2cc5f0eabf34388

NOTE: Due to reddit using recaptcha, it will cost you $3 per 1000 accounts made. The bot is
automatically linked to 2captcha (a captcha solving service).

The cost of this bot is $99 for lifetime access! You will not be charged monthly and you will receive all future updates.

This is what can happen when you use it smartly and successfuly:

That's a ton of traffic! Just make sure you use it smartly and responsibly. Good luck!

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