• Post + Embed your YouTube video to Top 50 Google+ Communities
Do you want to benefit from all that Google+ Communities offer for YouTube video promotion? Want to have your video posted to them in big amounts that can drive traffic and views, likes & subscribers for your videos + Channel?

Exclusive only on SEOClerks! Submission to 50+ Biggest Google+ Communities in YOUR niche. With Your messages, #hashtags etc.

Professionally submit your YouTube video to Top 50+ Biggest Google+ Communities

Generate real views, clicks, traffic, likes, subs, comments and more!

One of the most popular parts of all my YouTube promotion services are to post to more Google+ communities and the most frequently added extra. That's because those people know how effective Google+ community posting can be to drive 100% REAL people quality traffic and views to your videos and channel.

And when it comes to video communities there are some truly massive ones! Most of the top 50 Google+ YouTube video related communities have around 100,000 users and some have over 3,000,000 million+ users in them!

When you add up all the users in all the communities it would probably come to around 5,000,000+. And that's just for those video based communities. Some niche communities are even bigger depending on what your niche is. Simply put, when we post to about 50 of them in one day, you can bet your back teeth that at least a third of them will see your video on that day. That could mean potentially around 150,000 people could see your video in the community on that day and that's no BS!

Of course, that doesn't mean actual plays/views. People have to physically click the play button in their window and your video will then play in the same window. That will count as a view regardless to whether or not it's played in Google+ or on YouTube. Surely some of them are going to watch it right?

Your video will be permanently embedded into the community itself with a catchy description. It will be posted by a popular real account that have some reputation in most of the communities. We don't just post and go! We interact with other people's videos which gets your interacted with more too.

Plus with our Awesome Recommended Extras, we can do more to boost the amount of views and interaction your posts and subsequently your video get. This wont just get you real views and help get you out there & known about and grow your brand's success online. But it can

So if you want to feel the power and benefit that Google+ Communities can have for you. Just order the service now and send me your video link. You can also give us a promotional message to post, or we can create something catchy and appealing for you.

In 5 days or less, we'll submit your video to around 50 of the biggest communities we are already joined to and can find. After we are completed, we'll provide you with a report with all of links for the posts we created (available as an extra).

Need to know more? Just send me a message with your questions.

Videos Accepted:
Music videos to business videos, kids videos to anything else SFW.
Funny videos to serious videos and anything else SFW.
Any type of video YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Twitter video, MySpace, Veoh etc etc

Videos Not Accepted:
Anything NSFW.
Adult videos, offensive, naughty illegal stuff.

Minimum Required:
1x YouTube video.
Catchy description.
One or 2 #hashtags

Completion Time:
Within 5 days standard.
In 1 day with quick delivery.
Average time: 2-3 days spread out.

Benefits of Google+ Community posting service:

  • One of a kind, unique & Exclusive service to SEOClerks.
  • Professional Level X3 seller & long term SMM provider.
  • Every community post is indexed by Google extremely fast!
  • Boosts ranking of your videos with high authority Google Plus backlinks.
  • Each post is a social signal as are any +1's, reshare & comments they get.
  • These posts generates real people views and traffic etc to your videos.
  • Your posts will remain in the communities forever going on to improve in time.
  • Your posts will be ranked high by Google for your targeted keywords.
  • Continuous posting can provide real countable results & ROI.
Customer FAQ:

Is there a guarantee?
We cannot guarantee any views but it would be derangedly strange if you never got any! However, we can absolutely guarantee to do the work for you 100%. That is a cast iron guarantee to do all your posts in time or you may ask for a refund.

How many views, likes, subscribers will I get?
It's really hard to say without knowing what your video is about and we have no control over what people do in these communities. Some videos do better than others. We post to communities related to your video niche so they are already interested in your video.

What kind of results can I expect?
Results can vary on different days even for the same video! It depends how good your video is though really. Some videos are boring or just don't "do it" for people enough for them to go wow, I'm liking this and subscribing! Where as some videos do. Does yours?

What do you need to get started?
Just your YouTube video at a bare minimum! We can extrapolate a nice description to use based on your video title, description etc. Or you can supply your own custom description of course, maybe a couple of #hashtags #keepitreal

How long do you take to do the work?
We can go slow, medium or fast. We can post all at once or spread out throughout the day or even over 5 days it's up to you! For the 50 posts standard medium speed service we'll complete in 1-3 days probably. For larger orders a bit longer maybe. Note: for larger orders, we may post several times to the same community. Although we'll use different descriptions/accounts when we do.

Do I get a report when completed?
On completion of your work, we'll deliver with the Google+ profiles that made your posts showing your posts on that profile in the groups. If you want us to collect all the URL's for you you can purchase that as an extra.

For any more questions just send me a message.

Our Extras Explained:

  • Post your video link in a comment in other people's posts. We will post a comment in 25 different people's posts with your video link. We'll post a positive comment and +1 on that post too. This will get your video seen by many more people. Example: "Hey great video! I've a similar one check it out!".
  • Pin and embed your video to BIG Pinterest Community Boards. We will pin your video to very big Pinterest Community boards. These will be pins that will have your video directly in them and are very exclusive and coveted pins to have. Driving more views and increasing your ranking all the more.
Right now this service is available for just $5 for the first 5 buyers that leave us a positive review.
After this the price will go up to $7 for the next 10 and then again to $10 for the next 20 after.
So get in early to get this service for just $5.
Repeat buyers rewarded & discounted.

Still here? What are you waiting for?

Click here to order now and send me your video.

Thanks and to your success!

Mike and Team.

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    thank you great job

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    Thanks, Always a pleasure to work with.

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    Amazing Job as always! He is a great communicator and I love all of his work!

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    Excellent my friend! Keep up the good work.

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    rikraffseo 1 year ago

    I am becoming a regular. After a lot of trial and error with other offers, I finally found the right guy who comes through. Great work.

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  • TheRealRio
    TheRealRio 1 year ago

    work was completed as described. we did not get much conversions, thats just my feedback you might get different results.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Yeah, give it some more time. Results don't always play out in a day and take place over time. A+++

  • cygnus82
    cygnus82 1 year ago

    I ordered x2 services and the seller delivered on them both in hours rather than in days. I am very pleased and while it will be a while before I will know the outcome in terms of traffic and rankings I continue to use his services because he continues to be prompt and outstanding in all that he does...

    Keep up the good work!

    • idealmike

      Thanks Cygnus! That's a great feedback thanks! My experience with you has only been positive and empowering the like too! And all good things come to those who go out and get them! Cheers! A+++

  • Daury26
    Daury26 1 year ago

    Love himmm ! Great seller, his is awesome & keep Communication a plus.. will recommend him with no doubt. A++ seller ! Wow

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      Thanks! It was great to meet you today and do this for you! I look forward to again cheers and to your success! A+++

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    Great service and fast work. Will be back again

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    I have had dealings with this seller before and my experiences to date has been excellent! On this occasion I can only commend him again. He communicates, deals fairly, is patient and delivers on time. I am very happy with all that he has done for my business and will continue to work with him for the foreseeable future if he continues to keep to the high standards he has set for himself, he's a blessing!

    Thanks you for all your work!

    • idealmike

      Thanks man! It was my pleasure to work on your order for you! Thanks for your kind feedback it means a lot to me. Cheers! And to your success! Great client! A++++

  • samross
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    thanks a million

    i'll sink a boat your offer as well



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      You'll sink a boat? Thanks Sam for your order it's a pleasure to take on videos like this when you're you're trying to change the world! We appreciate your order and wish you all the best with everything! Drop me a message any time you want that offer! Anytime! Thanks and to your success! Top client! A++++

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