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How it works?

Over the years, we have created many social networks and websites with tons of traffic. Mainly Social Profiles representing us and private websites in different niches, just give us your URL and we will share it with the correct audience.

What can you expect:
Your track will be shared with massive audience (over 500,000 people guaranteed), interested in what you do, many should click and visit your track, if your track is engaging enough you can expect the "viral effect".

However we can't guarantee that you will receive an "X" amount of plays, it still depends on the content of the track and what you are promoting.

What exactly we will create?

Level 1 - Track Embeds that will bring organic Soundcloud plays and Likes
  • 1000 Guaranteed Soundcloud track Embeds on our Private Blog Network with final report of posts on the day of delivery - THEY BRING ORGANIC playS & LIKES
  • Usually gets some Organic Soundcloud plays if your track is interesting
  • Usually gets some Organic Soundcloud track Likes if your track content is interesting

This package contains track embeds and brings organic plays and likes. We will not deliver until you reach what is promised in this package. Embeds also increase your SEO and they expose your track to a huge amount of website traffic.

Level 2 - Huge Amount of Social Signals, Bookmarks & Backlinks
  • 1000 Do-Follow Backlinks from our Private Blog Network of Top Level Domain websites that Soundcloud Loves
  • 1000 Instant Backlinks on 100 Websites from Top Level Domains (3 in 1 service)
  • Description of your track added in the post with anchor links to your track

This package contains instant backlinks and huge amount of social signals that will help you rank your track higher on Soundcloud search engine and Google and it increases your track rank.

Level 3 - Sponsored Blog Posts + Backlinks from US websites

    • 50 Sponsored Blog Posts on .US News Websites
    • 50 Backlinks from .US News Websites (2 in 1 service - backlink is created with the sponsored blog post)
    • 50 Backlinks from aged .info domains (over 5-10 years old websites)

    This package contains backlinks from American .US news websites for each state and backlinks from aged websites to your track. The .info backlinks are trusted websites on the top of the SERP and they will help you get traffic through the links posted on the website. Together with the Sponsored Posts they will increase your Traffic and SERP.

    Level 4 - High Quality PR9 - PR7 SEO Social Signals from aged pages and profiles
    We will create 50 PR9 to PR7 Social Signals from aged high quality social pages.

    • Includes Social Signals from aged Social Media properties (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Google Plus Posts from aged Google Pages (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Twitter Tweets from aged profile and profiles created in 2016
    • This package contains Sponsored Social Signals that are a very important factor for SEO. Especially when you get them from OLD PAGES WITH BUILT AUDIENCE. The signals your will get are from the Top Social Networks and are PR9 to PR7 - which means huge SERP improvement. They will help you grow your social media presence for your website and maybe even bring some traffic.

    It's useful for:
    • Making your track more popular
    • Improving SEO rankings of tracks in Soundcloud and Google
    • Brand exposure
    • Affiliate marketing advertising
    • Just making more money!

    Terms of Use & Rules:
    • No split, one link per one order
    • You can't use another seller here and blame me if the stuff they did dropped
    • No revisions or refills in case of updates by the website
    • No refunds - track may receive plays or likes but they can't be guaranteed. Naturally, we can't control visitor's actions.

    User Ratings

    • fff346
      fff346 3 months ago

      all OK

      • QuidTask

    • callmedragon
      callmedragon 3 months ago

      Took them over ten days for delivery so my videos view count went up in those ten days. When the order was finally delivered ten days later my view count was (obviously) higher. Than what I told them it was when I placed the order originally. When I said something to them about the view count not increasing from the day before they were rude and offered to remove the links and refund the order when all I really whlant is the views. Would not reccomend.

      • QuidTask

        We started working Feb 8 when your video had 700 views now it has over 2400, don't see where the problem is.

    • mb271
      mb271 4 months ago


    • omgmachines2
      omgmachines2 4 months ago

      Perfect! I was already on page 1 but I just wanted to test this service out to see if I could get an easy number 1 ranking.. I'm sitting at number 2 already and it's not even been a full 24 hours since delivered. Thanks mate.. Will be back

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    • wyhes
      wyhes 4 months ago

      Great work, great professional. If you want a professional job, you must hire them. I will continue buying your services

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    • wyhes
      wyhes 4 months ago

      Great work, great professional. If you want a professional job, you must hire them. I will continue buying your services

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    • wyhes
      wyhes 4 months ago

      Great work, great professional. If you want a professional job, you must hire them

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    • nishanmax
      nishanmax 4 months ago


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    • ghb100
      ghb100 6 months ago

      great service

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      Pioter7 7 months ago

      Great thanks will order again

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    • Alex8888
      Alex8888 7 months ago

      Good job! Recommended!

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      atimert2 7 months ago

      Fast and great service i got what promised to me

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    • srikanta30

      Will I get a report of the work that will be done?

      9 months ago
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      will you offer any reports for the work you will do for me ?

      9 months ago
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      if this can be for Indonesian ?

      9 months ago
    • srikanta30

      Hey, I am looking to order 5 of these, can you provide any discount?

      8 months ago
    • nhuttam1997

      Hi, I am offering youtube video services in vietnam so I need cooperation from you.I want you to give me the Youtube video Seo package at a reasonable price. These include: Views, Likes, Shares, Custom Comments, Subcribes, Embed, Backlink. I would like the price of this service package to be $7. Let me know how much I will get Views, Likes, Share, Comments, Subcribes, Embeds, Backlinks from $7. Or give me a more specific price. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      6 months ago
    • ciberbeats

      Do you have the service available?

      6 months ago
    • tiepthilk

      Why does backlinks get deleted?

      6 months ago
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