Website Speed optimization processing service for high Ranking for $50

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Website Speed optimization processing service for high Ranking

For Faster surfing Your Website need to be optimized & we are your trusted technical team to provide

The following issue audit and solutions.

Feel free to ask any questions.

1. Performance :Metrics, Opportunities And Diagnosis report with solution.
  • Analyzing Web Requests.
  • Performance Issue: slow page load, timeout when performing certain task
  • Page rendering : incorrect page format, missing information
  • Inline scripts block - Inline scripts block the page load.
  • Blocking time - Impact of a limit of max number of parallel connections.
  • Browser cache - Impact of the browser cache on page load (the same page loaded three times).
  • Single page - Single page load (empty cache).
  • Server response times

2. Accessibility: These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web app.
Subset of accessibility issues can We detected with findings and solutions.

3. Best Practices of writing codes & Auditing report with solution:examples of best practice
Avoids Application Cache
Uses HTTP/2 for its own resources
Uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
Avoid document.write()
inks to cross-origin destinations are safe
Avoids requesting the geolocation permission on page load
Page has the HTML doc type
Avoids front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities
Detected JavaScript libraries
Avoids requesting the notification permission on page load
Avoids deprecated APIs
Allows users to paste into password fields
No browser errors logged to the console
Display images with correct aspect ratio

4. On Page SEO Audit Webmaster Guidelines Check and solutions.
  • If any Crawling and Indexing issue.
  • Structured data is valid or not?
  • Mobile Friendly or not?
  • Percent of SEO friendly How much?
  • Document has an <br> element or not?
  • Document has a meta description or not
  • Page has successful HTTP status code or not
  • Links have descriptive text or not?
  • Page isn’t blocked from indexing
  • robots.txt is valid
  • Document has a valid href lang or not?
  • Document has a valid rel=canonical or not?
  • Document avoids plugins or not?
    And many other resources checked for your web page.
5.Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver native-like capabilities, reliability, and install ability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase. To help you create the best possible experience, use the core and recommendations Solutions to you.
It's time to take the decision for your business.


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