Do keyword research + website analysis for $15

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Do keyword research + website analysis

What you deliver with this Offer The perfect package at low price for your website and online marketing campaign

This will include expert keyword research to find the best terms in your niche for products or services-
15 keywords suggestion

Site structure/architecture to create the best foundation for your SEO campaign

This hourlie include website analysis including following key points -

1- How many pages indexed by google
2-Domain age
3-Canonicalization issue
4-Cache status
5-Title relevancy
6-Description relevancy
7-Heading tag checking
8-Image alt tag
9-Finding broken links
10-XML Sitemap position view
11-Robots.txt optimization
12-Current Alexa score
13-Website SEO score status
14-Last crawl date checking
15-Analysis of website redirection issue

You will get above point analysis in this offer

Note -We will not make any change in website in this Gig


Seo Keyword Research Analysis


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