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Believe it or not, press releases still helps you develop additional visibility for your brand; the above image tells a bit about how this goes.

We tell out your story across broad spectrum of channels to help you connect with your targeted audience...

We are one of the most popular and trusted press release distribution services provider across the globe.

Our Social and Blog networks on the top authoritative websites.
Sites that Google love and trust. And because of the fact that Google loves these sites and as a result get crawled regularly, so your backlinks will get indexed easily!
How does it work?
We will news Press Release content with 100% of uniqueness and anchors:
Tier 1 - submit to 5+ Press Release platforms with up to DA50+ PR4+
Tier 2 - 50+ web 2.0 properties of DA30+ (10+ randomly per every link in Tier 1)
Tier 3 - 1000+ Social bookmarks, GuestBook, Forum Backlinks, Web 2.0s, Blog Comments for Tier 1&2 links.

You will get:
5+ Press Release Submission
50 web 2.0 posts
1000+ Social bookmarks, GuestBook, Forum Backlinks, Web 2.0s, Blog Comments
ONLY positive effect
Full report!
Potentially safe for any Google updates including Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird

Search Engine Friendly
Keyword Optimized
Mixtures of DoFollow and NoFollow for natural link flow
Original and 100% Unique Content
Great for Driving Natural and Targeted Traffic as well as improve SEO
Great Exposure

Your site and AdSense will be safe.
The power of these SEO pyramid grows in time because we develop them everyday.

It's your choice, Get the quality or quantity!!!

We want you to succeed with us and bring your business to another level with our help and knowledge! We want long term clients, and thus we give the best everytime!

Press Release Submission service is another powerful and useful SEO tool.
It might be that most pressing thing your site really needs, so why deny your site of this Quality...

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User Ratings

  • bandarlinks
    bandarlinks 4 months ago

    good service!

    • SerpsManager

      Much appreciated 
      Hope it's helpful, and hoping to see you around soon 

  • Ethankcy
    Ethankcy 9 months ago

    Thank you for the work done

    • SerpsManager

      More thanks to you. 
      Looking forward to further cooperation with you.

  • Kmetral
    Kmetral 10 months ago

    Seller did a great job, he got my press released approved and even re-wrote for me. I really recommend him in the future and I will be using him. Great quality and service!

    • SerpsManager

      Many thanks to you mate. You are very much appreciated. 
      Kindly let me know if there's anything you'll need assistance with 

  • Hubbes23
    Hubbes23 1 year ago

    Excellent experience with this vendor- fast, reliable and great service offering! A+++++

    • SerpsManager

      Great buyer. Nice having you on board.

  • term
    term 3 years ago

    ty for the great work

    • SerpsManager

      Brilliant and awesome time with this buyer.
      Many thanks to you for choosing and trusting in our services

  • roxhill121
    roxhill121 4 years ago

    You did a great job! Now I hope the campaign gets more notice. Thank you so much for all your hard work! It totally shows. Thank you also for keeping me updated on the project. I'm very happ with what you did.

    • SerpsManager

      Great working with this buyer.
      Hope your campaign gets more.


  • roxhill121
    roxhill121 4 years ago

    Thank you so very much! Everything looks amazing! I'll be bringing you all my business. I'm very happy with your work that you did. Thank you again for everything.

    • SerpsManager

      Many thanks to you for using my services.
      Be sure to always get the best from us...

  • noelbarton71
    noelbarton71 4 years ago

    Job well done will buy again

    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for choosing our service

  • kenman1
    kenman1 4 years ago

    Wow! Great job! I'm impressed, and I'm not easily impressed. Nice written press release and very nicely 3 tiered link service. I will be back for more and will check out your other services - Thanks!

  • Spencer777
    Spencer777 4 years ago

    Thank You

    • SerpsManager

      More thanks to you, will be happy to work more with you.

  • paulseyffart
    paulseyffart 4 years ago


    • SerpsManager

      Thank you for your time

Buyers Comments

  • roxhill121

    Very interested in your services.

    I need to get the word out about my project by press release and blogs.
    Also on a timeline. Do you think that your service would help me get funded?
    Thank you!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    thank you,

    4 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    funded? please what do you mean by get you funded?

    4 years ago
  • roxhill121

    That my project gets funded (money). Sorry I could find how to send you a personal message.

    4 years ago
  • hdboy

    hey tell me please about tirer 2 and three ? don't link 100web 2.0 and 2000 social bookmarks direct to my site you know that i think

    4 years ago
  • SerpsManager

    Yes, will link the web2 to the submitted PR, and also the SBs to the PR.
    So this service is very safe.


    4 years ago
  • hdboy

    yes thank's do you have skypee ?

    4 years ago
  • acarosi

    your service is ok for italian website and italian keyword?

    1 year ago
  • SerpsManager

    Sure, can work with any language site and use foreign keywords. Just that I use English contents.
    All in All, it's fine...

    1 year ago
  • skjonline

    I am interested for your $12 Sale - Services. Please clarify me the type of PR (no. of words, image, video) and to which channels will it be submitted, likely hood of publication etc.
    Also pls expalin the 1000 social bookmarks of Organic Backlink Pyramid .
    Shakti Kumar Jian

    6 months ago
  • ebest

    Please provide a sample of your work...
    also... Do I need to have my own PR?

    2 months ago
  • SerpsManager

    You don't necessarily need to provide your own PR.
    Kindly check inbox for sample

    2 months ago
  • skjonline

    I am interested for your $12 Sale - Services.

    Please clarify me the type of PR (no. of words, image, video) and to which channels will it be submitted, likely hood of publication etc.
    Also pls expalin a little the 1000 social bookmarks of Organic Backlink Pyramid .

    It would be better, if you could send a sample of some previous work.


    Shakti Kumar Jain

    2 days ago
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