Get 10250 PR7-9-Edu-Do follow -Mix Platform-Directories Backlinks Rank Your website Google 1st Page for $5

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Get 10250 PR7-9-Edu-Do follow -Mix Platform-Directories Backlinks Rank Your website Google 1st Page

Our SEO Packages are strategically designed and proven to help you to build your online business, to generate more leads, sales and traffic. If you want to dominate the niche and have top positions in Google then make your order now. This SEO Package is a must-have when it comes to establishing a new website in a marketplace. These items are the absolute basics that must be covered in order to rank on searchengines.

My campaigns :

1. 2500 Mix profiles backlinks
↳ Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)

2. 2500 Article Directories Backlinks
↳ Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)

3. .650 Edu
↳ Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)

4 .2400 Dofollow backlinks
↳ Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)

Question-1: How can I rank my website in top Google results?

Ans: It is the most effective for defined budgets Getting a weekly/monthly campaign according to your budget will rank your site in Google 1st page in 1 ~ 6 months (some sites ranked in 1st page in less than 2 weeks),

Question-2: Is it available To get sample Reports?

Ans: We are sorry, sample reports are not available.Also, you can try all services with just a few dollars, as it's very cheap with low minimum quantities.

Question-3: Will I have reports or a backlinks proof?

Ans: Sure, report.text file for file for links with details. accounts.csv for the account details created.

Question-4: Is it manual Or automated?

Ans:The panel system is managed by a team.But if you mean the backlinks process, yes it's software process.Some of our services were manually submitted.

Question-5: What Is the available Article Categories?

Ans:Check the available article categories:

Question-6: Why Your SEO service are too Cheap?

Ans: Our services are dedicated for resellers, they may buy it and resell to end customers, that is also why you may not found much details and descriptions about all features.

Question-7: What Is the indexer Extra Do?

Ans: The indexer #1 is a complex process that ensures that all of the backlinks have been crawled by Google spiders, it is including some techniques such as shorten your links, ping each single link, create RSS feeds, create XML sitemaps... etc.

The indexer #2 will include all processes in the indexer #1 more than 1 time + some extra tactics to get high indexer rate not only crawled by Google.

The indexer #3 have all processes in the indexer #2 plus submitting each backlink to 1k - 2k of authority filter sites like whois, redirect, stats... etc.

The indexer #3 gives the maximum indexer rate

Question-8:Are Backlinks Permanent?

Ans: The links are permanent in normal cases, as we use high-quality unique articles in submission and also submit in high-quality sites, but in few cases, the sites may bulk delete accounts/articles or sites may down after some time, so it's about 80% permanent.

Question-9: Can You work in non English Sites? What About articles?

Ans: Yes, we can, however, we use English related articles, with your exact keywords as you type in your language, it ranks well don't worry .

Question-10: Will SEO Campaign affect my alexa rank?

Ans: Alexa rank is rating the visitors primarily, then getting the details of backlinks, so this campaign will give a good results in Alexa but keep in mind that visitors is the primary ranking factor

What's included

Title OptimizationMeta DescriptionPersonalised SEOProgress Reports


PBN DA Links PR9 Backlink do follow edu article wordpress Manually Keywords link


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Extra 27000 Wiki backlinks (mix profiles & articles) 1 days $10
Extra The full monty campaign 2021 1 days $3
Extra 30 Web 2.0 blogs Premium (Human-Quality Content) 1 days $30
Extra 150 DA (Domain Authority) 30+ Do-follow 1 days $8
Extra 30000 Mix platforms backlinks 1 days $12
Extra 20000 Wiki articles Backlinks 1 days $11
Extra 50 Web 2.0 blogs (Dedicated accounts) 1 days $5
Extra 25000 Social networks profiles backlinks 1 days $12
Extra 35000 Blog/image/other comments backlinks 1 days $12
Extra 25000 URL shortener backlinks 1 days $6
Extra 35000 Exploit backlinks 1 days $11
Extra The full monty Premium Edition (high DA sites list) 1 days $3
Extra 15000 Article directories backlinks 1 days $8
Extra 250 PR9 - DA (Domain Authority) 70+ 1 days $45
Extra 2000 .EDU backlinks 1 days $6
Extra SEnuke - The full monty template 2021- Campaign 1 days $5
Extra 100 DA (Domain Authority) 50+ 1 days $8
Extra 300 DA (Domain Authority) 50+ Do-follow 1 days $40
Extra 20000 Do-follow backlinks 1 days $15
Extra 100 Web 2.0 blogs (Shared accounts) 1 days $6

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Get 10250 PR7-9-Edu-Do follow -Mix Platform-Directories Backlinks Rank Your website Google 1st Page is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 12 user reviews.
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