186+ List of High Domain Authority Sites To Get DoFollow Backlinks for $34

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186+ List of High Domain Authority Sites To Get DoFollow Backlinks

Until 2018, there were some popular and easy ways to create free dofollow backlinks such as –

Forum Posting

Links From Forum Signatures

Discussion Boards

Question and Answer Websites like Yahoo, Stack Overflow etc.

Social bookmarking

Blog Directories

RSS directories

CSS directories

Commenting on other blog websites.

But now, they are not very much effective! Especially after recent updates in –

Google’s Core Algorithm, and

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing.

So now, the question is: What do we do to get high-quality backlinks?

Well, there are a few great options open yet, among one is to improve a website’s ranking by improving its TrustRank.

As to improve the TrustRank, it wouldn’t be wrong if I will suggest you to take the opportunity to fully utilize the social media platforms.

I bet that in the name of social media, most of you are absolutely relying on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

But guess what? There is more to it!

A massive list of high DA (Domain Authority) sites with a DA rank of about 30-90 are waiting for you to come and hang up your website links onto them.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Today, you are going to explore free dofollow backlinks sites which are open to accepting a guest post submission on their platform.

Target your niche that has Domain Authority of 30+ and more and increases your Domain’s Trust.

That said, you are free to contribute your guest post on TheMaverickSpirit. ????

But before that, you should understand – What are high-quality backlinks or high authority backlinks anyway?

Backlinks Anyway?

A high-quality backlink or high authority backlink is comprised of several factors listed below –

1. Domain Authority or Trusted Source

If your website is getting a dofollow backlink from a website with high domain authority, then there is a good chance that Google will promote your website rankings in search results.

Link juice from a high DA website definitely affects and boost your website’s Google ranking.

2. Uniqueness

One of the effective strategies to get a high-quality backlink from a source your competitor can’t.

Natural links from relevant and authority websites that only links to you and not your competitor can really make a huge difference.

Example of such kind of links are the links obtained from conference, events and company websites.

3. Sends Traffic

One of the significant goals of searching and building backlinks is to drive more and more traffic to your website via relevant sources.

Therefore, always try/target to get backlinks from the websites with higher traffic, active readership and a decent amount of social following.

4. Non-Commercial and Non-Sponsored Rich Anchor Text

The quality of a backlink increases if the anchor text of your link is your target keyword (a keyword you want to rank for).

Obviously, Google will penalize you, if it discovers plenty of links with the same anchor text during backlink analysis.

Therefore, always use synonyms or semantic words and phrases for your target keyword as anchor text.

5. From a Relevant Source

Google and other search engines consider relevancy as one of the significant factors while evaluating a backlink’s quality or authority.

Therefore, always try to find backlinks from the websites in the same niche or same subject as your website.

Google considers the overall relevance of the linking website.

6. In-Content (from a blog or content page)

In-content links appearing in the main content area or at the beginning of the article or page (somewhere in the introduction) is considered to be more valuable than a link on the sidebar, footer or down the page.

7. Next to Backlinks to Authority Websites

If your backlink is included in a web page that links to high authority websites and shares the same niche as you!

Then, Google is also going to mark your website a high authority website.

8. From a different source to your existing backlinks

A new link to your website from a website which hasn’t linked to you is more valuable than getting another link from a domain that has already linked to you.

9. Not Reciprocal

Link exchange is not considered as a best practice for SEO backlinks.

However, if the link is relevant and natural, then it won’t be considered as an abuse.

10. Not paid for (Non-Sponsored)

Paid links may increase your backlinks in total, but cannot be considered as a high-quality backlink.
Never go for paid links, as you might end up getting penalized for violating Google’s guidelines for high PR backlinks.


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