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Google Safe
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1-100 URls
We allow 1-100 URLs per SEO Backlinks Order
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We allow 10-Unlimited Keywords per SEO Backlinks Order
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500.000 SEO Ultra-Safe Casino Backlinks

Ste-B-B2B - Rooted in B2B, eCommerce, SEO + Digital Marketing since 2008

500.000 SEO Ultra-Safe Casino Backlinks

Yes, Ste-B-B2B would prefer to lay to rest any rumours or ideas you have previously been told how you shouldn't submit bulk quantities of backlinks over short periods - for fear of ranking penalties!!?

These rumours and ideas are now histories and myself and almost countless webmasters have very secretly understood since 2013 how to safely manage to submit bulk backlinks even over short periods.

This is most certainly possible, however, many backlinks submission
providers can still incur keywords ranking penalties unless the Guaranteed SEO Ultra-Safe Webmaster Checklist below is followed completely during each Backlink submission.


  1. Only Unique Domains with Hi-DA PA CF for Indexing
  2. Only DoFollow/NoFollow Diversified Types Indexing
  3. Only Proxy IPs to Shadow URL
  4. Only Working Private Proxy IPs
  5. Only Tiered/Multi-Levels Diversified Submissions
  6. Only Multiple Diversified Indexing Platforms
  7. Only Rapid Paid/Premium Indexers
  8. Only Rapid Paid/Premium Pingers
  9. Only Rapid Paid/Premium Captcha Solvers
  10. Only Gradually Increased Bulk Submissions

  1. Google AdSense Safe
  2. Google AdWords Safe
  3. Google Algorithm Safe
  4. Google Updates Safe
  5. Paid/Premium Proxy IP Harvesters
  6. All Proxy IP's Set to Private
  7. Paid/Premium Rapid Indexers
  8. 1-100 URLs Allowed
  9. 10-1,500 Keywords Allowed
  10. Any Specific Casino Niche Accepted
If you're an Online Casino owner please note that we are not implying all Bulk Submitted Backlinks are now SEO Ultra-Safe - as many Backlinks providers are still submitting SEO-Unsafe types. Feel most welcome to check out our competitors first before you order.

However, ask any of our Backlinks competitors if they can offer the Top 10 Features. Plus our most important Guaranteed SEO Ultra-Safe Webmaster Checklist. We haven't noticed any Backlinks providers offering as many features and keeping SEO Ultra-Safe.

View our many additional SEOClerks Exclusive Services or Search for Ste-B-B2B in your web browser for almost countless B2B + Digital Marketing Solutions with 100's Campaigns Options suitable for every business budget or online development stage/maturity.

BLESSED-BE ~ TriggaHappy

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