Create 500 Super Powerful High DA SEO Backlinks as Link Building for $30

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Create 500 Super Powerful High DA SEO Backlinks as Link Building


I can make your website become an authority site by pushing up its DA score to 50+ or 60+. For more details, please visit
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Super Powerful Backlinks to Skyrocket your Google Rankings

In this service, I'll create 500 super powerful Dofollow backlinks (with niche relevant articles) pointing to your site. All these backlinks are from high Domain Authority private blogs with a high Moz Rank.

List of the Sites to Build Your Backlinks

Please check this list of the sites in which you'll find 47 DA 70+ sites, 8 DA 60+ sites, 18 DA 40+ sites, and 16 DA 30+ sites. All of them are high Moz Rank. It's not easy to find such high DA sites with a high Moz Rank on the market. You can verify it through this checker tool. If you want 2500+ profile backlinks (tier 2) pointing to the 500 high DA backlinks, please order through the extras below (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). You can view this sample report before placing an order.

Niche Relevant Blog URLs

I'll make all the blog URLs relevant to your keywords and the type of your business. For instance, if your keywords and business are hair salons, I'll make your blog URLs as,,, etc. Niche relevant blog URLs can boost your website rankings much faster.

Embed your Video to Get More Traffic

I can embed your Youtube video in the articles if you wish. It'll give your video more views and traffic so as to boost your video rankings too.

Index by Google

My backlinks are usually indexed well by Google because Google loves any backlinks with High Domain Authority. Let me show you some proof as below:
Please click 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ( )
and click a, b, and c ( )
where you can see that many of my backlinks are indexed by Google. These are only part of them, many others have also been indexed well by Google, but I can't show all of them here.

Solid Proof of Page 1 Ranking Results

Not Just Talk | Really Prove It!

Target URL:

Please click here, this and this link to see the ranking results for three keywords. The results speak for themselves - "All the three keywords are on Page 1 of Google."

Please also click here, this and this link to see the ranking results for another three keywords. Again, the results speak for themselves - "Two keywords are on Page 1 of Google and one keyword is on Page 2."

I guess I'm the only seller on SeoClerks who can show you the evidence of Page 1 ranking results. No other sellers are willing to do the same.

Why Choose Me?

My PR and SEO company, Nugget Global has completed more than 4,500 SEO projects, your decision to engage my services can't go wrong.

You can't find this amazing SEO backlink service from other sellers. Look no further, place your order now to get your website to the top page of Google.

Google Panda & Penguin Safe Guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of information should I provide to you?
Please send me 1 URL with not more than 5 keywords. If you want me to embed your Youtube video in the articles, please send me your video's URL.

2. How many anchor text per article?
Each article has two anchor texts. 25% of the anchor texts are using generic keywords e.g. click here, read more, more info, etc., and 75% of them are using your primary keywords. It'll look more natural in the eyes of Google.

3. Do you accept a foreign language?
Yes, I do, but the articles are in English.

4. Are the articles you use niche relevant?
Yes, they are. Like other SEO experts, I use spun articles.

I'd love to work with you. Please message me with any questions.

- Winnie Chan


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2500+ profile backlinks (tier 2) 1 days $30

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