Rank High in Search Engine Rankings with our SUPER SEO package for 15 days for $20

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Rank High in Search Engine Rankings with our SUPER SEO package for 15 days

With this SEO package, your website gets higher google rankings with your keywords, most especially for low and medium competitive keywords.
This Package involves 2 SEO strategies: ON-SITE SEO to run for 1 week
OFF-SITE SEO to run for 1 week


  1. This involves carrying out on-site works on your website which includes [/*]
  • SEO Website Audit; Here, we will analyze your site alongside your targeted keywords and its TOP 10 web-pages after which advice, suggestions and recommendations for every analysis done. REPORT will be provided for this.
  • Deep Keyword Research; Best keyword phrases (in terms of number of Google searches daily, monthly and its keyword density) that suits your website will be fetched out after a thorough intense keyword research.
  • Competitors Analysis; With respect to your targeted keywords, we will compare your website alongside its TOP 10 web-pages/sites and offer suggestions, advice and recommendations based on the report given
2. Yoast SEO Plugin Configuration; we will do Yoast SEO plugin installation to configure your website content title, description and keywords to achieve full-page optimization as well as get recommendations, suggestions on how to get higher rankings. This works mainly with wordpress websites settings. Final Report will be given at job completion.
This off-site SEO refers to actions taken outside of your own website to improve your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs) of which a very effective one is the tier-layered link-building structure.
  1. TIER 1 LAYER: Creation of 10 High-Quality backlinks from High Authoritative and High Domain websites e.g TED, MOZILLA, Microsoft, DELL, IBM, Pinterest etc. AND creation of 20 social bookmarking links. This will be done MANUALLY.
  • TIER 2 LAYER; Creation of over 500+ backlinks from several platforms such as Article submission, web 2.0, wikis, social bookmarks, directory submissions, forum posts etc. This layer gives more link juice (extra power) to tier 1 backlinks, thus strengthening them more
  • TIER 3 LAYER: This adds extra link juice to layer 2 backlinks and involves the creation of over 1000+ backlinks from several platforms such as guestbook, blog comments, trackbacks, URL shorteners, image comments etc.
We will give you Final Excel report of each of the tier layer backlinks at job completion.
  • INDEXATION: We will index the tier 3 backlinks using our premium SEO indexer to allow search engines crawl and update your website content in its search engines base. [/*]
  • PINGING: we will ping the tier 3 backlinks to alert search engines about your website updates for faster rankings.
Before pinging and indexing, we will a thorough verification of the tier 3 backlinks to filter out the dead, spammy ones from the good quality ones.
  1. Your Website URL or link[/*]
  2. Your targeted keywords phrases. The keywords should be 2 phrases or more e.g fast car racing, website design, laptop drive settings, link building tools etc
  3. A brief description or article about your website (200 words or more)
NOTE: This SEO service is done drip feed to ensure Google safety of your website.
  1. NO REFUND AFTER PAYMENT AFTER DELIVERING ORDER. If you have any issues, just message us so we can resolve it together.[/*]
  2. Dont expect Instant Google 1st page results. it will surely take some time , (depending on the nature of your keywords), about 5 weeks for you to see any changes in Google results. it will take about 3 months for highly competitive keywords.
  3. If possible, make your keywords to be more than one, like website design, hair dressing styles, computer drive settings, best ceiling prices, cheapest hotel locations, bread crumbs etc.
Feel free to message us if you have any questions or issues.


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