High Traffic Keywords & Easier Results Traffic Tank for $57

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High Traffic Keywords & Easier Results Traffic Tank

Get Educated on Traffic Opportunities in Your Market and Take Powerful Next Steps to Growing Your Business With Google...

Many small to medium sized businesses often outrank global brands on Google, but only the successful ones use smart strategies to do it.

Being smart in SEO, always starts with targeting the best keywords, while considering your business size and how much you're willing to spend on building things like links...and also how long you're willing to wait for results.

You see some companies like Nike, for example, have been around since the 60's and are obviously known and trusted globally. These real world facts transfer authority online too and trying to outrank your biggest competitors for commonly Googled keywords, is like burning money, but also wasting a lot of your time in the process. (I can help you avoid that).

"This is why knowing the best keywords to target for your business, is one of the most important things for you to do".

If you ever want people being sent to your site, straight from Google's search engine, it all starts with people typing in a keyword, seeing your website...and then you get a click.

and the higher up your site is on Google, the more people naturally click.

This service will be the foundational building block for you to really go for great search result rankings.

So, with that, let me introduce what I call...

The Traffic Tank...keyword discovery for optimum traffic generation and business deployment and growth.

Delivered in an understandable document with optional video delivery, including best targets (new and old) for maximum traffic and guidance towards the smartest moves for you to take next in your SEO growth.

>>>> What about Me?

So, since 2013, I've communicated on some level, with the owners of over 18,000 websites; that number being how many orders have been placed with me here to date.

I guess you could say my customers are a happy bunch and my team and I are a positive force in the SEO marketplace.

But it's my team who support me as a business that allows me to comfortably focus on delivering the best work for my clients.

And it was from some of my best client work that I eventually systemized and then turned a key internal process of mine, into a service for others too.

The Problem for Businesses

A lot of businesses (understandably), find that learning SEO is time consuming and it's often difficult to know who can trust..and there's a lot of people saying lots of different things about how SEO works.

But there is one thing every SEO would agree with...if you want to get results, know you're not burning your money on unrealistic goals, or in markets with no customers (whoops), then keyword-research (content being second) should be your main priority before absolutely anything else.

The Problem with Keyword Research (including Tools)

Keyword research software can never understand your business goals like a human can. Obviously.
Relying on these tools will only give you a guess at best, and often be very inaccurate at worst.
To ensure I discover only the best keywords to help grow your business, I use a combination of;

  • Software
  • Manual research
  • Trends charts
  • Backlink profiling
  • Competition analysis
and over a decade of my personal experience in this industry.

Some Ways this Will Help You

Rank higher and experience quicker results
See organic traffic potential
See what you’re already ranking for and identify new opportunities in your business
Discover bigger opportunities
Build stable rankings over time

Here's What's Included in the Report

  • 10+ Killer Keywords to outrank your competitors and steal all their traffic
  • Additional diamond keyword opportunities that you can ethically steal from your competitors
  • Actionable strategies to get the keywords ranking fast
  • An easy-to-understand spreadsheet to help you decide on your own keywords
  • Massive discount on future link building services
    An optional implementation video, recorded via Loom to explain how to make the changes.

Check this a screenshot of how the keywords and data are delivered to you. This is a 100% customized report created around the only keyword metrics that matter. I can also do a Loom video recording to explain at your request.

And Some Reviews

So What's The Guarantee?

If for any reason, I can't find you the best keywords out there for your business, I will refund your money. No hassle, just a straight 100% payment reversal back into your hands typically within 24 hours on business days.

When You Order, Will it Take a Long Time or Need Lot's of Information?
No, here's why

It takes less than a minute to get started.
When you
click to order, you'll be asked for your niche, your URL (URL not necessary if you don't have your website live yet), and 2-3 keywords ideas.

Then hit submit. Once we've got that, my team will submit your order to both our workstations, and the work will start in under 24hrs

Get this for Free if You Order with Content Today

So you already know I'm going to give you incredible keywords to go for, but if you also order content to be written, we'll optimize 1 piece of content as a thank you for making the smart decision to order this service today. Additional content optimizations are available to purchase in the extras section before checkout.

So What now?

If you want to get to the top of Google fast, then let me search & discover the PERFECT Killer Keywords in your niche.

Click order now, answer a quick couple of questions, and I'll get started for you.


P.S. If you also plan to order my Alpha PLUS SEO, you're eligible for a $69 discount when you buy this today. Ask me about it on your order submission form.

What's included

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Keyword Research Web Analysis Seo rankings


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