Monthely Premium SEO Maintenance Package for Hold on Google 1st Page Ranking for $150

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Monthely Premium SEO Maintenance Package for Hold on Google 1st Page Ranking

100% guarantee SEO ranking 01 monthly maintenance service.

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Quality of my maintenance service:-

What is SEO Maintenance Package built-in?

SEO maintenance is the process of regularly revisiting and improving the visibility and discovery of content. Long gone are the days when “SEO maintenance services” means running down a checklist of technical website tweaks. Here are SEO maintenance suggested activities:-

1. optimizing quality, valuable content on the site that is designed to attract links, support internal core pages, and provide fodder for social media promotion and community engagement.
2. regularly keeping an eye out for improving the technical side of things.
3. tweaking title tags and meta descriptions to increase conversions once rankings do gain momentum.
4. taking advantage of “next level” opportunities like structured markup to videos and other supported content.
5. apply new SEO best practices learned from ongoing education, trends, and changes in technology and consumer habits.
6. strategically optimize evergreen content and any new content brought to the table.
7. proactively watching for and brainstorming how to attract and pursue natural, relevant links.
8. provide guidance from an SEO perspective on integration with other digital marketing initiatives.
9. regularly reviewing analytics and having brainstorming discussions regarding insights gleaned.
10. looking for and applying new keywords and queries that are relevant to your topic, expertise, product or service.

SEO should be woven into the culture of organizations; it should be a layer of best practices that are applied to many different marketing channels and activities: on-site and off-site content creation, PR, social media marketing, UX, conversion optimization, technical website best practices, and more.

Weekly Regular review and analysis of analytics

### Changes made in accordance with analytical findings.
### Content building and tweaking to help increase the chances of being found.
### Regular reporting and review to ensure goals are being obtained or at least going in the right direction.
### Jump on opportunities opening up in the market.
### Spot early signs of decreasing traffic.

This article had two good tips that reinforce some of my earlier thoughts:-

Don’t just track the data – review it and use it for any real impact
Knowing what to do when Google rolls out with an algorithm change

And this article had a great analogy of SEO maintenance with landscaping maintenance:-

“I’m worried you’re going to be like the homeowner who moves into a house with beautiful landscaping and then says to the landscaping company that everything looks great – you don’t need them anymore. The reason you have a well-performing website is because of the continual work we are doing on it.”

Here is a company who discusses what their ongoing services include:-

*** Monthly ranking, traffic and conversion reporting
*** Ongoing link building activities
*** Revision and optimization of new content

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