Google DOMINATION SEO package - 500 High quality Backlinks for $85

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Google DOMINATION SEO package - 500 High quality Backlinks

Google DOMINATION SEO package is designed for all size of websites.It will help you get TOP ranking on Google within weeks. Everybody knows how profitable is to get 1st page ranking on Google. Getting TOP ranking on Google means free organic traffic, Highly targeted visitors to your site and sales with HOT cash to your bank account everyday.

We will build 500+ High quality and content based relevant backlinks to your site from same niche blogs. Many of these blogs are 4-5 years old and carry high Google page rank. They will provide you perfect link juice which will result in Google TOP ranking.

Main features of the "Google DOMINATION SEO package" (SMART BACKLINKS):-

1- 500 highly relevant and content based Backlinks from same niche BLOGS
2- Blogs are established and 3-5 years old with High page rank and owned by real blogger all over the world.
3- Each and every backlinks will come from a unique blog post(We will write 12 unique articles in spintax format and than submit their readable unique version to more than 100 blogs)
4- Anchor text variation (You are allowed up to 10 keywords and 3 urls per campaign for best ranking result)
5- 500+ Backlinks will be built through out 20-25 days. Means 25-30 backlinks will be built everyday to your site. Everything will look natural and effective.
6- We guarantee the safety of your site (No Google penalization). This service is penguin 2.1 and panda 2.0 friendly. (You promise not to use any other campaign during this SEO package)
7- The backlinks are permanent and dofollow. It will be live for years so that your site will climb more high in future for many other keywords.

Benefits you will get with this package:-
Google DOMINATION SEO package has been made to get real ranking results on Google, not to show you a backlinks report of thousands of worthless backlinks. Yes, It does not matter how many backlinks we built for a site. Everybody wants ranking. Right!!!

1- This package will bump your ranking towards TOP pages of Google and Bing. May be keywords will HIT 1st page of Google incase of low competition(We have seen it for many clients )
2- It will increase your website authority(Means chance to increase Google PR on next update)
3- It will increase the blog or website traffic (If you have more than 20 posts/pages)
4- Strong your backlinks profile (More traffic from different keywords)
5- Stay at ranking for long time (No fall in ranking after getting it)
:- Ranking may fluctuate for 1-2 weeks. It happens when new backlinks get indexed by Google. After that the site will stay there.

Report we will provide:
Please note that the blogs that we have contacted are real private blogs owned and run by real bloggers.They take time to approve our articles and post. We will not provide you the backlinks report like other sellers. The reason is we want to keep this blog network safe from spammers and as these blogs are owned by other people, they approve the posts in different time and it is hard for us to collect 500 backlinks by visiting their blogs again.

I understand now you feel little sad about the report. We want to make you understand that the people who provide you 5000-8000 backlinks report overnight,use software to create these backlinks from worthless sites, They just download the backlinks from the software and forward the report to you. After 30-40 days all those backlinks get dead and your money go to drain. Do you want this?

Also to show you our work we will deliver you the screen shorts and partial reports of your backlinks profile and stats of the domain.
Like this:-
This report is from a new blog built on AUG 2017,where we have posted 4 blog posts only with TEST Google domination SEO pack.

Results we have got recently:-

Updates Aug-Sept 2017

Your Site is Safe from Google Updates- [Sept 9 Update]-

Update:- 10 Sept 2017 - 4 Months old Website

Are you into Amazon or any other Affiliate Marketing - See how this 3 months old site is just started getting new sales With [Google Domination Package]

Please note:-

Results may vary from site to site as the ranking result depends upon various things. Like; DA of the site, Age of the domain, keyword competition, Current ranking, Niche , Backlinks profile etc.

Still, this service will get you positive and effective results.

"It will not only help you rank for given keywords, But also improve over all search visibility of your site"

Also check your on-page SEO properly. As without proper on-page optimization you can't rank well even with 1000 backlinks.

Points to consider-
1- You can't cancel or reject the order after placing it. (We are committed to provide what we have promised)
2- You are agreed that you have read all the elements of the page before placing the order.
3- Upon completion of the project we will deliver you a partial report and screen shots that support our work. The results for every campaign will be seen within the next 2-3 weeks of delivering the reports.


Don't mind for these words as we are going to invest 25-30 hours for each order and we don't want to be scammed by fake and ungrateful buyers. Be genuine and nice with us and we are here to help you DOMINATING Google.

Feel free to invest on "Google DOMINATION SEO package" and you will get the best ranking result you have ever been expected. We promise you.

For best ranking results with this service:- Target low/ medium competitive long tail keywords. Optimize your webpages according to them. And see how this service will work like a golden goose.


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