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Instagram Mentions are Enabled as of March 13th, 2016.

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  • You can Target a Users Followers
  • Or you can Target a popular Hashtag
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Get Celebrities Followers to Follow You!
REAL Targetted Followers and Likes from any Instagram User you choose! Pick any Celebrity, Famous Page or Person and we'll mention their Followers on your Post!
  1. Choose any Celebrity, Famous Page or Person to Target. Their Followers will get Mentioned to your Post.
  2. Bonus! Target any Hashtags you want for additional Followers to Mention.
  3. REQUIRED: Make sure your page is established otherwise your post could be deleted.

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Stats: Here are some sample stats of Followers gained using mentions.

Strategy: You can absolutely buy your way to a 100,000 Follower Account or more using Mentions.

What are Mentions?
Mentions are when you comment on a Instagram Post using the @username designation. Everytime you @ a username it notifies them which post they were tagged in. Users will then visit your post to read the comment and view the post.

Why Mentions?
This is a great way to attract targetted users to your Post and ultimately your page. We will scrape your Target Pages Followers (i.e. Celebrity Pages, Famous Pages, Famous People). So if you wanted to get users who follow Soccer, you could scrape the users from FIFA's IG page. We can also scrape from Hashtags of your choice.

We'll start the order TODAY and will deliver extremely FAST.
Users who visit your Post will generally Like the photo and leave comments. If you write a good enough description a certain percentage will visit your Profile and click the URL in your profile (Good way to drive targeted traffic to a CPA offer or a Website).

Q: Why are you only offering 600 Mentions
A: We want you to get the best results possible, 600 mentions creates enough Buzz for your post you'll get organic comments from Real Users. You can Add Upgrades if you need more.

Q: How fast will you start my order?
A: Seoclerks will notify us on our phone after the order is placed. We can typically start the order within an hour if not within minutes.

Q: Are the mentions real?
A: Yes!, We will Mention Real users that we scrape from your Target Pages and Hashtags you give us.

Q: How do I get Targeted Followers?
A: We will target Followers from the Instagram Page you send us. If you want Taylor Swifts Followers you can send us her Page URL. You can also target users by Hashtag!

Q: How many Followers will I get?
A: The answer depends on the image and the description. We've seen as much as 100 new Followers to our page for every 1,000 mentions. Typically you can expect 30-50 Followers. See the Example Description below that gives us a reliable 40-50+ followers everytime!

WARNING about Removed Posts!
  • Let's be honest, using Mentions is a form of Spamming users to your post. No matter how targeted you try to be you'll get angry people who will report the post as Spam.
  • Try to target users who will relate to your post to reduce complaints.
  • Use your Post description to befriend your user and offer a clear call to action.
  • If your post gets enough complaints from users Instagram will manually review and remove your post, I've seen a post last upto 8 hours before the review happens.
  • Worse case your post is removed and you'll need to start a new one.
  • We offer the $5 service so you can test your Post with Mentions, please Test to see what works for you!

Example Mentions:

  • All the users in this Photo are examples of a Mention. Each one of these Users will be notified to visit your Post!
  • Be prepared to gain Massive Amounts of Likes and Followers of your Page.

Tips and Tricks (See Screenshot Below)
  • Copy the Post Description attached blow before ordering, this will help you to maximize the potential of gaining Followers.
  • We use this Format on every Mention Campaign we run. You should Copy and Modify this to your Needs:

Order Now From a Trusted U.S. Seller!

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Buyers Comments

  • chinachongo

    hi,i want the account doing the mention to follow the page too,is that included,wanna order very quick,awaiting your response fast

    1 year ago
  • jtoelle

    The account making the mention will not follow your account. You gain followers if the mentioned users actually like your site. That's why it's important to TARGET relevant Hashtags and Users.

    1 year ago
  • chinachongo

    plc check this link for more and see if u can help with the contest


    1 year ago
  • jtoelle

    Your URL doesn't work, that's what 404 means

    1 year ago
  • chinachongo

    1500,so that means 1500 comments and also can they add (pls like and tag) like this (@xxx pls like nd tag)

    1 year ago
  • jtoelle

    No this service is not designed for what you want. You want a custom mention per comment which this is not designed to do. This service is meant to give you Targeted Followers using the method shown in the image.

    To do what you want is possible but it would cost $25/100 which would be 1 user gives 1 custom comment (@xxx pls like nd tag)

    1 year ago
  • nordcapture

    How is the risk for account get banned/deleted?

    11 months ago
  • jtoelle

    We've never seen an entire account banned or deleted. Only posts

    11 months ago
  • jtoelle

    Instagram Mentions have been restored.
    After a long battle with Instagram, we've managed to get the system working again.

    9 months ago
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    I will give you special discount if you like to buy :)

    9 months ago
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    What are the maximum mentions?

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