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After being broadcast to 700,000+ and more of my followers / fans – who knows what will happen? You could have large business recognition, new media attention, replies by celebrities or thousands of new followers of your own! Let me start by getting your website, product, or a hashtag promoted and talked about on my Twitter account of over 700,000 PLUS followers.
That’s over 700,000 REAL PEOPLE and potential clients for you!
Those 700,000 followers get listed on Google, SEO benefits too!
Reach Punk Rock Star, and Football Defensive backs coach Mikey Spikey's 700k plus fans!!

Limitations - What the user will and will not tweet about.
No adult content

User Ratings

  • GamblingScout
    GamblingScout 4 days ago

    Im very satisfied with the service this guy offers. Fast delivery. Recommended and would buy again for sure!

  • wildcardbet
    wildcardbet 7 days ago

    Great Job! Fast Service!! This is the best money spent on advertising.

    SOMNIA 7 days ago

    Good and fast service.

  • koala
    koala 13 days ago

    nice account, i get good followers :)
    thank you

    • Mikeyspikey1984


  • woleref
    woleref 16 days ago

    Thanks for your service! I will order again

  • infomarktsguru
    infomarktsguru 18 days ago

    although there is little bit delay, thanks for well done

  • shaheertiger1
    shaheertiger1 28 days ago

    Almost all the users on his account are fake you should do an audit of your profile

    • Mikeyspikey1984

      lair, I worked hard to get them

  • Prilann
    Prilann 28 days ago

    Thanks for your service!

  • SmoothJazz
    SmoothJazz 1 month ago

    Hey Michael thanks for your service in getting me additional exposed for my cause. For those of you looking for affordable marketing, I highly recommend using this service. Thanks again Michael for all your support. Rick!

    • Mikeyspikey1984

      Thanks and good luck. Thank you for your service to our country! My brother is in the army also :)

Buyers Comments

  • mediachange

    Please message me when you are online, I am looking to purchase a few services of this nature. We need someone to be able to tweet as soon as we purchase the service. Please shoot me a message if you are online within the next few hours, needed ASAP for a client.


    2 years ago
  • soco

    Do you fashion the tweet or do I need to come up with something?

    2 years ago
  • Chinshirt

    I dont know how to contact u.
    Inbox me, I need to order.
    Thank you

    1 year ago
  • Bazooka

    all 700K are fakes?)))

    11 months ago
  • appriches

    What's your handle? At least let see if you really have that much

    5 months ago
  • bretty005

    Are these legitimate followers? Do you know where the majority are geographically located?

    5 months ago
  • realone272

    what should I tweet with your help. Shall i create a hash tag and how to find or make our topic interesting that people get involved into it.

    3 months ago
  • taufik5857

    Can create a promotion with words to follow me in your message servise

    15 days ago
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