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I can tweet your URL/Message in 72 hours in My account which have More Than 106,000 followers! This will get your website/twitter account noticed can lead to followers, visits and or sales!

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I tweet daily about: Gaming, Youtube videos, web hosting, web design, domains, SEO, minecraft, teenagers, school, life, dating and relationships + MUCH MORE!

Limitations - What the user will and will not tweet about.
No porn, Child porn, large amount of swearing or racism.

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  • Dekk
    Dekk 1 month ago


  • MonsterSales
    MonsterSales 2 months ago

    Everything looks great :)

    • GingeTech

      Great Buyer! Hope you order again soon!

  • welshmin
    welshmin 2 months ago


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      Great buyer!

  • turtl
    turtl 2 months ago

    great job ! thanks.

  • nabennett
    nabennett 3 months ago

    Thanks for starting my campaign to announcemysite.com so swiftly, I have already seen an increase in traffic. Hopefully an increase in signups as well.

    Once again, thanks for starting the campaign so swiftly.


    • GingeTech

      Awesome buyer!

  • joshbrady2
    joshbrady2 3 months ago

    Completed order on time and professionally!

    • GingeTech

      Hope you order again!

  • giovcerri
    giovcerri 3 months ago

    Thank you dear. Excellent job.

    • GingeTech

      Great Buyer! Hope you order again!

  • blackfriday
    blackfriday 3 months ago

    Thanks, for the Super fast work!

    • GingeTech

      Great buyer!

  • fletcher4
    fletcher4 3 months ago


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      Great buyer!

  • OrangeIdea
    OrangeIdea 4 months ago


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    bretty005 5 months ago


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      Great buyer!

  • gixmoh
    gixmoh 5 months ago

    Thanks for your business , Excellent work . I highly recomend your services .

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      Hope you buy again!

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      Awesome buyer

Buyers Comments

  • JimSouza


    I will like to give you a try.

    My niche is Health: Weight loss and Body building

    What I Need: Many Retweet

    1. After payment what do you need information do you need to start?

    2. Are your tweets human and manual? Most bot tweets do get deleted and sometimes I lost my account

    3. Are my niches okay for you?

    3 years ago
  • GingeTech

    Manual, yes all good.,

    I just need your tweet after

    3 years ago
  • imansoorshaikh

    can you show your twitter profile? Only after it I can order the service.

    2 years ago
  • amjad123

    can i see your page in twiiter

    1 year ago
  • bretty005

    Are these legitimate followers? Do you know where the majority are geographically located?

    5 months ago
  • GingeTech

    Majority are legit. I'm from Canada - so many north American and western country followers.

    5 months ago
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