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My twitter account is used to promote small businesses, music and a visionary lifestyle. I have active following base of key social elites in the social media spectrum that look at my account for a variety of reasons based on rapport. I have all of my social media connected to STARTIN5iVE.NET. My plan is to create a network through this site where entrepreneurs can advertise their business, consumers can find new products,fresh content and convenient services based on location. Right now my market is primarily entertainment due to me being a DJ and I'm attempting to grow from that network. I'm on the search daily for fresh ideas and people to put on my site with a longevity mindset that coincides with the visionary lifestyle I'm promoting through the brand STARTIN5iVE. By the end of this year I want this site to be overflowing with traffic from multiple markets.

Limitations - What the user will and will not tweet about.
I live a positive life and promote a world of unity. all business is that and never personal so let's keep it there.


5ive Dj Marketing Promotion Startin5ive Net

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