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Fast SEO Indexer Backlinks Robot

Auto Indexer Backlink Software

The most common problem faced and a question asked was “how can I get my links indexed in the search engines?”
The best way to answer that question is to break it down into steps:

Step 1) - Ping your links to the top RPC directories for example

Http:// Http://

Step 2) - Meta Submissions

Together with pinging, I use a combined strategy to get all of my urls indexed exceedingly fast using 'meta indexing submissions '.

But what are 'meta indexing submissions' you can ask?

Meta indexing uses probabilistic sites to blast our links into the search sites at super speed. Using meta indexing I've had in some instances, had my sites indexed in around sixty minutes and less!!

But how do I submit to these sites manually?
Well allow me to show you how

A ) Take one of your web site urls

Put those urls in the browser address area and navigate to the site and that is it. You've been Meta indexed. It‟s actually that straightforward to do. The difficulty comes when we want to meta index fifty of your urls against a small list of sites ie. 150 or even a bigger meta list of 3000 sites. It is not possible to do that manually.


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