Check if your Proxies work with Google - Proxy Checker for $6

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Check if your Proxies work with Google - Proxy Checker

This awesome proxy checker is what you need to test your proxies. As you know proxies do not last long, they can last
from hours to only a few days. This proxy checker will check to see if your proxies are working or if they are bad
ones. Not all proxies are good, some are very slow which are considered bad because this can cause connections to timeout and some web servers will ignore them.

This magnificent software also checks if your proxies can be used with Google or not. Good for using with SEO tools. Google blocks a lot of free proxies so by running your proxies in my software, it will let you know if you can use them with Google. Isn’t that amazing?

This software will check for:

Good proxies

Dead Proxies

Fast Proxies

Proxies that can be used with Google


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