Force Google to RANK You on TOP By Boosting Organic Clicks & Methods for $47

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Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows
Additional Requirements:
1- Install latest .net framework

2- Install latest Firefox & Chrome browsers

3- Run on 64bit Windows Operating System

4- Add the software folder in your Antivirus & Windows exception. As i will provide you .exe file, which is detected by windows defenders and anti viruses

Force Google to RANK You on TOP By Boosting Organic Clicks & Methods

Why you need Traffic Bot?

Organic traffic for your site is Important

You need to know that Google (the most important search engine) and other search engines are influenced by the number of traffic received on your site and the quality of traffic. Thus, depending on the traffic of your site, search engines will position your site in the first pages of the search results.

On the Internet you can find a lot of software bots that claim to generate good quality traffic, but there are very few products that really have an advanced algorithm and generate good quality organic traffic.

It offers a lot of traffic modules. Organic traffic for google, referrers traffic from social websites, and views for youtube rank. You need to know, your website and your online business are directly influenced by the number of good quality of organic traffic and keywords.

This traffic bot software generates high-quality organic traffic, according with your keywords, so your website will be positioned in the first search engine results. Whether you need views for youtube, organic traffic for your website and seo traffic, we recommend this product.

3 PCs activations on ONE license. To get more licenses please Contact.

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Google CTR Process
Searches google to find url and surf the site which generate organic traffic

Youtube CTR Process
Searches target video with keyword on youtube and watch video with applied settings

Yahoo CTR Process
Searches target url in yahoo with given keyword and clicks through it to perform and surfing actions

Bing CTR Process
Searches target url in Bing with given keyword and settings to generate bing traffic

GMaps CTR Process
Searches for given keyword in google maps and clicks on business to perform human actions and surfing

GMB CTR Process
Searches in google for given business name with given keyword

Direct URL with Target text
It clicks on given target text by going to given url directly

Direct URL with Target URL
It clicks on target given url by directly navigating to given url

Description Link Click in YT Video
Clicks on link given in youtube video description

Create Campaigns for Your Work
Manage and create Campaigns for your projects and keywords. Which helps your boost your manual work and allow you to run more projects time by time

Most Powerful Traffic Software
Get High CTR Clicks From Search Engines
These are called relevancy clicks which tells Google that your Content is Relevant to search. Google algorithm ranks your Content Higher for search term

  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase page views, pages per visitor, time on site
  • CTR clicks from Search Engines
  • Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, GMaps, GMB
  • High retention surfing
  • High retention video viewing & blog browsing
  • Download Backlinks
  • Get backlinks of given urls
  • Download Stats & Metrics
  • Collect MOZ metrics & stats of given urls
  • Url Indexing & Pinging
  • Indexes urls by pinging to thousands of sites

Humanized Features

  1. Generate Direct hits to any Target URL
  2. Get Google hits to any Target URL by Search keyword on
  3. Get Youtube hits to any Target URL by Search keyword on
  4. Get Bing hits to any Target URL by Search keyword on
  5. Get Yahoo hits to any Target URL by Search keyword on
  6. Get Google My Business hits to any Target Business URL by Search business keyword with ‘Things to do’ on Google
  7. Get Google Maps hits to any Target place URL by Search Place keyword on
  8. Get Google Indexing to any Target URL
  9. Run multiple Threads simultaneously
  10. Set random Delays to fit your Exact Needs
  11. Smart Proxy support (use rotating proxies)
  12. Uses random Firefox & Chrome browsers
  13. Uses random User Agents from list of thousands
  14. Uses random Mobile User Agents
  15. Uses random Screen Resolutions
  16. Uses 5 Random chrome or firefox Extensions
  17. Navigate for Surfing internal pages
  18. Retry links If a link has not been clicked

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