• YouTube BOT - Professional views BOT
  • YouTube BOT - Professional views BOT
  • YouTube BOT - Professional views BOT

Version: 1.0.4

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

Windows OS
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1



Demo URL


What is YouTube BOT?

YouTube BOT
allows you to increase YouTube views of any video , changing IP and browser to each view, via proxy server and vpn. With YouTube views BOT, you can increase youtube views in a few simple steps, the youtube bot is in fact designed and designed for the less experienced, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Youtube BOT allows you to change user agent and browser with each view, so the views will come from desktops, tablets, apps, TV, consoles, with more than 4200 different types of devices from which you can increase YouTube views.

Youtube views BOT for each generated view, automatically removes files such as cookies, cache and history from the computer , in order to avoid possible inconvenient traces , ensuring that the display counter is not blocked and suspended, operating in total security.

With YouTube BOT you can increase youtube views across multiple videos at the same time , thanks to a multi-URL system and the ability to open multiple tool windows .

Thanks to YouTube BOT you can increase YouTube views of your videos in unlimited mode, as unlike buying YouTube views that require a specific amount for a total amount of traffic, with YouTube BOT you can generate unlimited views at the simple cost of a license .

If you're wondering how to increase your views on YouTube , YouTube BOT is the answer to your question . What are you waiting for? Buy a lifetime license at the lowest price of the web, avoid buying YouTube views, choose savings and professionalism , choose YouTube BOT .

Discover all the features of Youtube BOT: Youtube BOT is the fantastic all-in-one tool to increase your youtube views , it's simple, fast and versatile, just enter the URL of the video, set a few simple parameters and you're done, you can increase the video views and generate clicks on the advertisements of the latter in a flash and in a totally simple and 100% secure for channels and videos with ads !

Check our real time test after latest YouTube update:

What YouTube BOT includes?
  • Opens multiple windows at the same time
  • Change IP through proxylist at each view
  • Change user agent at each view
  • Customizable display time
  • Scraped proxylist included and editable
  • Proxy Finder tool for scrape extra proxies
  • User agent list included (up to 90.000 user agents) and editabl
  • Click on advertisements using the item ID attribute
  • Cleans the browser cookies at each view
  • Cleans the browser cache for each view
  • Random time-watch option
  • Multithread option for speed up the increasing views process
  • Automatic updates

Do you need more tools in one? Check our historycal multi platform professional Views UP BOT, for increase views and web traffic and for making click on html elements in organic results and serp ads of search engines.

User Ratings

  • 703deuce
    703deuce 10 days ago


    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing ;) Have fun!

  • boransavas
    boransavas 25 days ago

    Thanks bot working but proxies usually not working..

    i am trying with vpn but not working..

    • networkingidea

      Hi dear,
      we council you try with VPN system ;)

  • mist09
    mist09 26 days ago

    Not working fine...

    • networkingidea

      Hi dear,
      please explain us all your issues, we help you for solve it

  • devanandangogoi
    devanandangogoi 1 month ago

    It is workng fine... good job

    • networkingidea

      Excellent buyer, thank you for purchasing!

  • xficinox
    xficinox 1 month ago


    • networkingidea

      Thx, excellent buyer

  • Danrouge
    Danrouge 1 month ago

    Working. Thanks

    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing

  • varreaga
    varreaga 1 month ago

    thx a lot for the support fast service

    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing ;) Excellent buyer.

  • Ursen
    Ursen 1 month ago

    Good Job)Thanks)

    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing. Excellent buyer

  • kynetic
    kynetic 2 months ago


    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing, excellent buyer.

  • Magic998
    Magic998 2 months ago

    I need the proxy.

    • networkingidea

      Use proxy finder or try VPN systems ;)

  • gabilova
    gabilova 2 months ago

    Thank you

    • networkingidea

      Ecellent buyer

  • mogoli
    mogoli 3 months ago

    Hi about YouTube I have some problem I can’t use there problem can you help me to config ?

    • networkingidea

      Hi dear,
      contact our support here

  • animalman7
    animalman7 3 months ago

    Do i need new proxies? im not gathering views with these proxy list it gives me an error load page every time

    thanks! hope you can help me out

    • networkingidea

      need proxies, but proxylist is scraped each 24-48h on software opening.

  • whynot404
    whynot404 3 months ago

    It's not lettiny me download it on my mac this is what it;s doing...

    • networkingidea

      Hey bro, is for windows not for mac, try it on a Windows OS !

  • sfrazier01
    sfrazier01 3 months ago


    • networkingidea

      Dear, for issues contact our support here please.

  • deboiq
    deboiq 3 months ago

    greetingsi'm buy youtube bot from ceoclercksi have problem , i run with these steps:1 : open the application2: type the ID wich you type for me in the site after i buying the service3: the app is open4: im paste the youtube link5: i push start with the default setting without change any thing6: the green line loading is work after end7 : i see this :-The pro

    • networkingidea

      Hi dear,
      try to scrape new proxies from BOT, or upload your proxylist

  • Tauruman
    Tauruman 4 months ago

    great seller tnxxxxxx

    • networkingidea

      Thank you for puchasing, excellent buyer.

  • simsonparker
    simsonparker 4 months ago


    • networkingidea

      Thank you for purchasing.

  • darkarts
    darkarts 4 months ago

    my ID login in wont work

    • networkingidea

      Download the Update attached on message.

Buyers Comments

  • Lucy777

    I did pay - please send the program

    1 month ago
  • MediaBooster

    List proxies is included with your software, or we have to add ?
    And or to find list proxies free ?
    Because I want to buy but proxie list is expensive !
    Thank you.

    1 month ago
  • networkingidea

    Hi dear,
    the proxylist is included but scraped and some times proxies go down, if you like is possibile put your list or using VPN system ;)

    1 month ago
  • xficinox

    server proxy doesn't respond , what should do in such case?

    1 month ago
  • MediaBooster

    Where to find lists proxies free by one thousand ?

    1 month ago
  • networkingidea

    From purchasing need to wait maximum 24-48h for receive login details.

    Best regards.

    1 month ago

    well, will it use my internet to get me views?where I live Internet is really expesnive

    1 month ago
  • networkingidea

    Use the cupon: highfive for 5% of discount!

    Best regards!

    29 days ago
  • Kizumba

    That, it was 30 dollars now cost 50 dollars, what changed in the program ?

    28 days ago
  • networkingidea

    Hi dear,
    we have released the update for lates YouTube Update, and the software for 14 days it was discounted, and that's ended 2 days ago.

    28 days ago
  • xficinox

    what should i do with ads clicker ?where can i get the html element id from?

    28 days ago
  • networkingidea

    With Chrome / Firefox: Right Click on Ad -> Inspect element, on the console find ID:

    28 days ago
  • mastitv

    I have tried everything they said but nothing works. So don't buy it yet wait for another update.

    25 days ago
  • mastitv

    Yes I did with HMA and many more but nothing works. ((

    24 days ago
  • azzhrani

    how can i TRY NOW YOUTUBE BOT??

    what the max view in bot 1m?

    in the day view , how much?

    21 days ago
  • networkingidea

    Hi, we don't have a trial version, we council test it from purchasing have 5 days of test work or money back ;)

    The amount of views depends by watch time and thread opened ;)

    21 days ago
  • VergaLarga

    como lo uso

    12 days ago
  • VergaLarga

    BRING PROXIES HOW DO I USE THEM? FUNCTION THE PROXIES spend 50 dollars I hope it really works and does not have to invest for proxies, can it be used in 2 PC at the same time?

    12 days ago
  • bingo95000

    my licence please : ordre : #163423

    10 days ago
  • Esad65

    Hello i want to buy the bot but i got some questions:

    How much proxies will I get if I buy the bot?

    Can I buy more proxies and from different countries like Germany and how much would 1000 proxies from the same country cost?

    Will it lag when I set 10 000 views and a watchtime for like 5min? Or is there a maximum for it?

    5 days ago
  • networkingidea

    How much proxies will I get if I buy the bot? It depends by uptime of those, some time 100-200 some times up to 1K.

    Can I buy more proxies and from different countries like Germany and how much would 1000 proxies from the same country cost? We'r not proxies providers, need to contact providers for that infos.

    Will it lag when I set 10 000 views and a watchtime for like 5min? Or is there a maximum for it? Is possible set custom watchtime for each view, or random watch time for each one, without time limits.

    5 days ago
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