• Classified For Free Pro V. 2.0
  • Classified For Free Pro V. 2.0
  • Classified For Free Pro V. 2.0

Version: 2.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Additional Requirements

You must have windows 7 or higher to use the program and your .net updates. If you have your regular windows updates then you should be fine on that part. Also it is suggested to have at least 2 services of ram or higher. Note that some antivirus programs does see these bots as a false positive most of the time. If that does happen just make a folder and put that folder into the exceptions list of your antivirus program. It is a very common thing for them to do that but my bots are just fine. I am the creator of these bots so that's how I know for sure they are fine to use. If you have any questions at all on how to use it or get started just let me know.



This listing is for my classified for free pro version 2.0 bot. This is a more beefed up version of my other software sold on here. This newer version has a total of 9 different categories to be able to post in. That means your able to post multiple sites and offers to make money on. It also has the option to post a picture with the ad. You can choose from 3 pics in your gallery.

*Has 9 different categories you can post in they are:
Beauty Products
Business Opportunities
Business Services
Health Care

*Has spin text available on title, on the description, and on the url link.

*Option to post 1 of three available pics from your own gallery on the site.

*No capthca's to solve so it's 100% autopilot set it and forget it.

*Options to choose how many cities to post in.

*It will post in random cities making it look like a human is using it and not a bot.

*Option to post in U.S. cities for 8 categories and in world cities for Business ops. section.

You can use this program to post your own ads and get lots of great free traffic to your sites.
You can also use it as a service for posting ads for clients to make a monthly income with it.

BONUS: The first 10 orders for this program will also get my page rank cafe bot FREE of charge
as a thank you for your order! This is a limited time offer and only good for the first 10 orders
so be one of the first 10 to put your order in. If you have any questions before you order let me know.

User Ratings

  • rblocker888
    rblocker888 1 year ago

    Thanks, file as been downloaded, will test this out on my vps once am free.

    • davidford76

      Thanks for your order if you need anything else at all just let me know.

  • cgorum
    cgorum 2 years ago

    Got it

    • davidford76

      Good buyer to deal with and good communication.

  • cgorum
    cgorum 2 years ago

    David, I think I got the orders marked correctly....let me know if not. Thanks, Chuck

    • davidford76

      Great buyer to deal with and great communication. Thanks for your orders.

  • cgorum
    cgorum 2 years ago

    Thanks, David! I'll put these through their paces and if all goes well, I'll talk to the guy who runs the larger group doing the link posting.... I believe he'll like the idea. Chuck

    • davidford76

      Great buyer with great ideas and communication. Looking forward to deal with again!

Buyers Comments

  • vimaim

    hello i am interested.
    can you send me private message with sites where ads are being posted..? How Many sites does your software can post..? 100. 500 1k?


    1 year ago
  • davidford76

    Your question is not making any sense. It post to 1 site the classifiedforfee site. It allows people to post in hundreds of cities across the world on that site. You can easily do a web search and look up the site. I have my program on sale this week only so if your wanting to get it then you should get it fast. It is a professional verision of my regular classified for free posting program that is on my listings. If you have any more questions let me know and I will check back in the morning.

    1 year ago
  • vimaim

    1. I realize your software basically sends ads to one single site, not several websites.
    2. It can send to several cities on the same website.
    3. What if the owners realize about the software and improve the system..? Software will be updated then.. or no?


    1 year ago
  • davidford76

    You're asking for ongoing support for something it takes a long time to already make plus I have it on sale this week as well. So unless you are willing to pay a lot more for tech support then the answer is no.

    1 year ago
  • davidford76

    I was away from home all day. But to also answer your question better it is very unlikely that the owners would ever find out that my bot is being used because I also have wait times built into it. So it looks more like a human is posting the ads. Also besides me selling the bots for that site how many others have you seen selling bots for that same site? I am the only one and if someone else is I have not seen it yet. Also the work involved has to be taken into account. So many people do not understand what is involved in coding. It takes a while to make a bot like this plus not to mention having to also learn how to make them in the first place can also take a while. That's why coders on my platform makes around $45 per hour or more at a company. I am self taught so I do not have a degree or work for any company but still the process of learning coding and doing the work still means that your already getting a steal at the $25 mark not to mention the sale price.

    1 year ago
  • davidford76

    Yes this video will show how my program works.
    Video link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AousV_9jh43chz_Kzq5cvLdpm5xA
    If you have any more questions let me know.

    1 year ago
  • tickoff2

    Hi there, how popular is this Classified for free website because i've never heard of it until i saw your software. I did my research on the web for the most popular classified websites on the net and this website isn't even mentioned at all on multiple websites. Do you have any Craigslist software instead since this is the one everyone uses?

    21 days ago
  • davidford76

    The site is not as popular as craigslist but there is a lot of people that post on it every day. Just because you never heard of something does not mean that a lot of people still don't use it. You probably also never heard of pagerankcafe either and yet thousands of people use it every day including myself. As far as craigslist no I don't have any bots for that one because it would require using proxies and many different emails as well. So if I was going to pay for proxies and tons of emails to use it would cost a lot of money to get the bot built and therefore I would have to charge you guys several hundred dollars for it. So no I don't sell bots for several hundred dollars I make mine affordable for people to be able to buy them.

    20 days ago
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