• Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot

Version: 0.7

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Other

Additional Requirements

Program should run independently of any third party libraries and runtimes, tested on a clean install of Windows 8.1



Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic to websites of your choice through the list of proxies in a multi-threaded way. You can set referrers and user agents, which along with proxies will be randomly selected to create a browser session. Referrers, user agents and proxies should be stored in a text-file and can be appended to an already loaded list in the program by pressing the 'Load the list' button. Remember to add the word socks5 after the ip of a public socks4/5 proxy, separated by a whitespace.

Results for this browser session you can select to save as an image snapshot for every visit (to see how web-site is seen from different IPs), with a customized behavior of the browser while it's on page, you can set the program to click some links too (check out Settings - Options).

There is an ability to filter out non-responsive proxies from the ones that work, and save them to file (Settings - Export Healthy Proxies).

If you don't have a proxy list of your own, and the one supplied with MSV isn't satisfactory (with time those proxies might cease to work), there is an ability to scrap public proxies from the web, Settings - Import Proxies from the web, if you are scraping proxies from the web, you don't have to worry about adding the proxy type for a socks proxy, program will save all the info in the right format.

The log of events, that happened in a context of the program is available for the user to study. It will contain messages about the proxy scraping process, as well as the process of sending traffic through proxies to the target website.

See the video preview

Latest features include:

1. JavaScript referrer spoofing (for Google Analytics traffic sources)
2. Chromedriver (non-headless browser to influence video/audio view counts on web-sites that track the playback from visitors, and count anonymous, non-logged-in viewers). Pro-tip: don't use JS referrer spoofing with this feature, because media sharing sites don't care much about traffic sources, that would be only useful for influencing Google Analytics.
3. More proxy filters for scraper.
4. Test all proxies (will use the connection timeout and number of attempts from the Options window)
5. Private proxy support, consult the manual as to how setup you proxy list to supply authentication info for a private proxy provider.
6. Editable browser dimensions. Check the Options menu, use the format, as you'll see for the default resolutions, provided with the program.
7. Firefox geckodriver. For cases when Chrome is not enough. Nightly is a preferred version, because only it was working properly without crashes on different machines.
8. Experimental: Alexa toolbar/extension. Warning: works stably only with Firefox Nightly.
9. Multiple web-site destinations for a session. One web-site per line in a textifield - one of those will be randomly selected each time to visit.
10. Search for the element to click within an iframe. If a link is within an embedded third-party web-page, consult the manual on how to use it. If the link isn't in an iframe - just leave the last 2 textfields of the script as they are (one with NO, another empty)

Version 0.6 released (3 Dec 2017):
  • selenium library updated to 3.6.0 - stability improved
  • Third-party dependencies added into the About window
  • Open working folder button in the Options window - for users' convenience
  • Bugfixes/code refactoring/stability improvements
Version 0.7 released (24 Jan 2018):
  • 3 additional proxy scraping targets
  • Bugfixes, stability improvements

Don't forget to reduce thread count if you are using low-end machine. Having several dozens of threads running browser sessions that are being created/destroyed constantly, and are trying to load some web-page is a performance-heavy task.

If you have trouble using the bot with Chrome/Firefox, it may be due to an outdated version of the webdriver , which is provided with the bot in the bin/ folder (chromedriver and geckodriver (Firefox)). You should download the latest version of those from the official web-sites, check these links

User Ratings

  • mediaviews
    mediaviews 21 days ago

    Good Job
    Very Good Seller.

    • headshote

      Thank you, enjoy using this bot.

  • btcchennai
    btcchennai 22 days ago


    • headshote

      You're welcome!

  • maracola
    maracola 2 months ago

    I tested the Firefox Nightly 52: https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/nightly/2016/11/2016-11-14-03-02-03-mozilla-central/firefox-52.0a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe
    Alexa Toolbar run, but script not run, It only appear the blank window and not run.

    • headshote

      This could also be due to old proxies - try scraping some new ones.

  • geochris
    geochris 2 months ago

    Amazing software. It even registers the hits in Google Analytics.

    • headshote

      Thank you, enjoy using it.

  • suralex
    suralex 2 months ago

    Добрый вечер.Запустил бота с Хром-браузером с тулбаром Alexa. Мелькает такая картинка: плагин Alexa перебрасывает на свою страницу чтобы я нажал кнопку Accept и плагин окончательно установился, но бот не дает это сделать и страницу сворачивает. Как установить плагин Алекса на драйвер Chrome MSV?

    • headshote

      Лучше всего файерфокс тут использовать (Хром крешит часто довольно, при использовании аддоонов). Вообще нажатие той кнопки не обязательно - те, кто для Алексы пользовался обходились без этого.

  • smithuk
    smithuk 3 months ago

    My honest opinion of this software here:
    it would love if it allows me to save the tested proxies (green ones) to a text file so its easier to upload next time if the application crashes. i have to upload the same proxy file and the test each time i open it.
    You should allow a custom url input for proxy scrapping because the ones added already only scrap 50-200 proxies randomly, hardly. 

    I hope you work on upgrades. 

    I loved the software. 

    • headshote

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The first point is a bug, which somehow made it into that experimental build I gave you, sure will fix it.

      As for the second one - it's not really possible, cause different websites have different structure and obfuscation methods, so some kind of generic proxy scraping code, that will allow you to enter just any url and get proxies from it is no likely doable.

      I'll keep on improving the bot, by adding more proxy scraping options, and stay tuned for updates

  • vmail
    vmail 3 months ago

    Thanks for reply...yes, I meanwhile got the same idea....noticed that it shows Proxy: 0 179...
    Will try to insert new proxies...But I do not understand what do you mean "Also, what browser are you trying to use, and what are you doing" Browser? How I can use browser with it?

    • headshote

      Well, MSV does have the browser choice, and I wanted to know what are using the bot for. You can pm me screenshots, etc.

  • SolidRock
    SolidRock 4 months ago

    Very professional Service and very good Product for an affordable Price.
    I highly recommend him and his product.

    • headshote

      Thank you, great buyer! I wish more of my commercial interactions were like this.

  • smmseller1
    smmseller1 4 months ago

    I am not able to get even 1 visitor using it? Please tell me how to do it. I try to run it on the default settings without changing the url that there when it open, then also it's not sending traffic to that url 

    • headshote

      Clear the default proxy list, and use Import proxies fro web to scrap new public proxies. Increase amount of threads, so that more browser sessions run in parallel and unresponsive proxies get filtered out faster (but bear in mind performance of your PC). Add an exception rule to the firewall, so that it won't block requests/interprocess communication of MSV.

  • Janes1
    Janes1 5 months ago

    Probably the Number 1 TRUSTED and RELIABLE seller I ever met. Congratulations!

    • headshote

      Thank you, pleasure doing business with you.

  • Tobifitch
    Tobifitch 5 months ago

    Very good seller thank you for u help he answer very fast and help me out

    • headshote

      Thanks, you're welcome.

  • jungledungle
    jungledungle 5 months ago

    Headshote's service is outstanding. He answered quick and informative.
    He knows his program and is an active seller who is still maintaining and improving his software.
    I am very satisfied with his useful program and would definitively buy it again.

    • headshote

      Thanks, it was a pleasure doing business with you, always described issues in detail, and followed my instructions thoroughly. And provided enough feedback for inspiration for future updates.

  • Zenmediums
    Zenmediums 5 months ago

    Thanks Headshote,

    • headshote

      Hey, you're always welcome!

  • fusionatah
    fusionatah 5 months ago

    Thank you nice programm (Y)

    • headshote

      Thanks, enjoy using it!

  • Satazabuki84
    Satazabuki84 6 months ago

    A really good piece of software and this guy helped me a lot. He answered all my questions and provided me with all pieces of information needed how to configure it to my needs. My big thanks and recommendation!

    • headshote

      Thank you. It's always a great pleasure to help out a buyer, who knows what he needs and asks questions in a way, that an answer could be delivered, problems solved, misunderstandings clarified.

  • DLKeeler
    DLKeeler 7 months ago

    Headshote is a great seller with outstanding communication and customer service! I am learning how to do this and he answered all of my questions and made it very easy to do!

    • headshote

      Thanks, always a pleasure to answer and clarify any issues/gotchas/questions with an intelligent customer, which provides detailed feedback of his experiences

  • Moewy2
    Moewy2 12 months ago

    it worked well but its just stopped working. please help!

    • headshote

      Restart the program, scrap new proxies, pm me if nothing helps with a detailed description.

  • MarketingClub
    MarketingClub 1 year ago

    cool software but Im putting my site in and hitting start and Im not getting views , should I change the proxoies that it came with or what?

    • headshote

      Totally - use Settings -> Import Proxies from Web to scrap for newest public proxies, or consult a pdf manual on how to set up a custom file with the list of proxies, if have some of your own

  • steevenz
    steevenz 1 year ago

    my url not open in Firefox screen also in choram ...its a fake?

    • headshote

      make some screenshots for me of MSV main and log screens, of browser screens, etc., send it via pm, I'll see what i can do. Also you will ALWAYS need to RESCRAP the proxies, consult the manual on how to get fresh proxy list.

Buyers Comments

  • handsomeless

    Hello there,

    01.Is this tools still working to give a site 1000 views per hour?
    02.Do you provide a refund if it is somewhat not working as advertised?

    Thank you.

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    1) It's possible, but if unique IPs matter, bear in mind, that there might be as low as 200 unique working pulic proxy IPs, which are working for a certain period of time (like 6 hrs), also to achieve a 1k, you'd need a powerful enough PC to run 50-60 threads (which is realistic for a headless browser, but not for a video playback with something like Chrome).

    2) Instead of possible waste of time tell me exactly how and what for are you going to use the bot (feel free to use PM here), and I'll tell whether it'll work or not for your case. I'll only grant you a refund if I told that MSV is supposed to work for your particular case, but ended up not wokring for that case actually.

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    Not really. Don't buy it to use for youtube - the results will be piss poor.

    2 years ago
  • simsonparker

    Can you suggest any tools/bot? Where can I find a youtube view bot

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    I wouldn't use bots for youtube myself, because the end result will be mediocre, and there are some fairly cheap offers of real viewers for your videos out there.

    2 years ago
  • LadyJ218

    Hello, I just purchased. The program will run a few threads then give me an "Error launching a PhantomJS Browser. Cannot connect to Service bin/phantomjs.exe.
    I've allowed the firewall to let everything run.
    I'm also getting this error for the others Chrome and Nightly after 2 threads. Any thoughts?
    Adding that I downloaded the most recent gecko and replaced, still does not work. I cannot download the chrome since I am on win x 64. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

    2 years ago
  • jocy

    Classify video on youtube generates 50k of veiws per day?

    2 years ago
  • mkashif

    Hi, I have bought it already, getting some issues that not getting any visits to my page, i waited for hour. Please check PM for screenshots and advice where i am doing wrong setting. Thanks.

    1 year ago
  • headshote

    ARP - Always Rescrap Proxies

    1 year ago
  • ViperBlood

    Provide me latest update bot... waiting for updated version.

    1 year ago
  • seyioluwasade

    Does the bot work? How long will it take to get it after purchase?

    1 year ago
  • samerhadid

    Hi I'd like to purchase your product or offer but i have some of queries because i have had some bad results with other networks such as zwaar so my queries are :

    1-Are these really real visitors(Not Traffic Exchange or Robots).

    2-Are these visitors from USA.

    3-Do you using trafficadsnet.com to delver the traffic ?

    4-How much time which the visitor should stay on my website.

    5-Do i will get any activity on my website (Any clicks any place).

    6-Are these traffic safe for Propeller ads.

    7-How many visitors should i get per day or month (Average).

    8-can i promote CPA offers,affiliate networks such as Clickbank.

    9- do yo accepting http://traffic.makingmoneyacademy.net/

    9 months ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    hi is this adware safe? and will it work on youtube for views safely ? also is it simple to run on my pc or off a privet server

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    Obviously MSV doesn't have any adware

    As for YouTube - it's not supported

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    A lot of my customers used private servers to run MSV

    9 months ago
  • Amer2019

    can i target single country?

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    For now - only if you have a proxy list for that country, but scrapping country-specific proxies is an upcoming feature

    9 months ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    Is this bot easy install on my computer or server and will it work on websites that have absence

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    It is distributed in an archive, which you only need to unpack to whatever folder you want and run the exe file.

    By "absence" you probably mean AdSense, and it's always a risk, but some have tried...

    9 months ago
  • headshote

    Since SEOClerks doesn't have any mechanism for it - people pm me for new versions.

    8 months ago
  • LadyJ218

    Can you make a tutorial on how to use the script feature? I just responded to your PM from last year. I don't use SEO Clerks much and couldn't figure out how to PM you.

    6 months ago
  • Yeruckblas

    me gustaria saber si puedo usar este trafico para shorte .st

    6 months ago
  • aragbird

    Will this work on the website deviantart?
    If you go to a user's main profile, there will be a number that tells you how many pageviews that profile has.

    Could this program increase that number by maybe 100 or so? You can try it on an empty profile like this one

    If it does work, then I am interested in buying it

    5 months ago
  • headshote

    i'll check it out some time and tell you.

    5 months ago
  • headshote

    Well, i don't really know, with every bot visit the views seem to increase, but somewhat more, than i would expect, i think that "user" profile, despite being empty receives visits regularly.

    However, upon further examination that happens to any profile: once I check out the profile from my browser for a few mins straight, its pageview doesn't change. But when I start sending visits - suddenly pageview rise, but for some reason more rapidly, than I expect.

    Yeah, and after stopping the bot pageviews for those profiles stop growing.

    5 months ago
  • damoiseau

    je n'ai pas winzip, envoyez vous le fichier autre que zip? autre format?
    jne connais pas grand chose avec les proxis,je suis sur windowsz 10 en 21 bit,en Belgique,je vais l'acheter si ce n'est pas trop compliqué pour l'installer
    grand merci à vous

    5 months ago
  • TOBE2015

    I need to grow my traffic on adf.ly, can this software help me with that?

    5 months ago
  • headshote

    It is usually a bad idea to use such bots for ad networks, unless you have some private proxies at your disposal. Because if all your ad impressions will be from known public proxy IP addressees, well... you might get yourself a ban,

    5 months ago
  • diorwin88

    can suggest keyword on search engine traffic???
    lifetime use??

    5 months ago
  • headshote

    I'm not going to give 100% sure way with keywords, but there's basically 2 approaches: 1) since you can set referes with MSV, if you know the correct format for referrers to be displayed in GA, use that (it wasn't always reliable for me)
    2) if you are ranking somewhere at Google you can set to visit the page google.com/?q=keywords&page=n and use the clicker feature to click on your site at Google search result page

    yes, lifetime

    5 months ago
  • diorwin88

    Thank You About your Information...

    5 months ago
  • SchoochyMoney3

    Does this bot work for spinrilla mixtapes? such as views, downloads and streams?

    4 months ago
  • headshote

    It will most likely work for views, I don't know what do the "streams" mean, if they are the times tracks were played, then with clicker feature you'll most likely be able to influence it (but here Chrome/Firefox is a must, phantomJS doesn't support media playing). Downloads are behind captcha, so i'd say a no to this.

    4 months ago
  • maracola

    When I using newest Alexa Toolbar (4.0) to replace original Firefox Addon on MSV, I got this problem. Can you help me

    2 months ago
  • lello75

    hi, work for geo visitors?

    8 days ago
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