Place a Guest Post on my HQ Tech Blogs DA 30-50 PA 30-50 for $40

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Place a Guest Post on my HQ Tech Blogs DA 30-50 PA 30-50

**THE PRICE IS ACTUALLY NOT 40$ PER BLOG POST, BUT MUCH LESS THAN THAT (Get heavy discount on ordering multiple blog posts. Add multiple blog posts from Extras section).

Hello, Folks!

Be assured that you're going to be placed in one of the safest hands in the world of guest posting. I've handled more than a hundred clients from almost every corner of the world and my client network is always expanding.

Since you're a buyer, and you cannot simply buy my product by going with the title of this service. It's natural if some questions arise in your mind.

Therefore, I've tried my best to answers all the questions. But still, if any doubt remains, feel free to ask me.

Q1. What exactly is my service?
Ans. I'll be placing Guest posts on my Tech blogs according to your requirements.
These are very reputed blogs with Domain Authority ranging from 20-30 and Page Authority ranging from 20-50.

Q2. What will you get after placing a guest post on my blog?
Ans. Though there are numerous benefits of Guest Blogging, but here I'm listing the most significant factors due to which you should go for it.

You get Quality Traffic : This is the most important and significant benefit of Guest blogging. Also, this's one of the major reason of why many people are spending money on this. You'll see a significant traffic to your website after putting a guest on my blogs. Since the blogs I have are quality blogs, therefore the traffic you'll get will be quality traffic. You'll get the people you always wanted to see on your site.

Your Exposure and Brand Awareness Increases: This's another great advantage of guest blogging. Not only it helps you increase your exposure, but it helps you build your brand. Let's say you posted a Guest Post on a blog of mine with 30,000 daily visitors. And let's assume that your Guest Post gets viewed 10,000 times. The last assumption is that you get 2000 visitors to your website. Though the number of visitors to your site is only 2000 but your brand has been exposed to 10,000 people. Now when you keep doing guest posts, you'll see that more and more people start visiting your website due to a very scientific reason, i.e. that people have seen your brand name enough times that now they're curious to know what services you have to offer.

It'll help you Increase your Search Engine Visibility: Guest blogging helps you increase your Search Engine visibility, Domain and Search Engine Authority, It helps you in a very unique and effective manner with your SEO. Since I own many blogs, I know the importance of search engine visibility because a significant part of my traffic comes from search engines. I remember me applying no SEO tactics for one of my blogs, except Guest Blogging. It reached the fourth page of Google, solely with the help of Guest Posts I did on some quality blogs. And after doing a bit of SEO, I was on the first page of Google. Hence, from my experiences in the field of blogging, I can surely say that it significantly increases Search Engine visibility. All you need are some quality blogs to put your guest post on.

It'll help in increasing your subscribers: Besides getting traffic, another major advantage of Guest blogging is that it gives you more subscribers in a very short span of time. Without guest blogging, if you gain 'x' number of subscribers in 6 months. By guest posting, you'll easily achieve this number within a week or so.

So now I guess I've cleared my part.

Now it comes to what blogs I have to offer.

If before purchasing you wish to review the blogs I've to offer you, then please go to this Mediafire link to download the PDF containing information regarding my Tech blogs.


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1 more Guest Post on a Tech Blog of your choice 2 days $20
2 more Guest Posts on Tech Blogs of your choice 2 days $35
3 more Guest Posts on Tech Blogs of your choice 3 days $55
4 more Guest Posts on Tech Blogs of your choice 3 days $70

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