Offer backlink from Wikipedia to your website for $49

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Offer backlink from Wikipedia to your website

I will give you a back-link from Wikipedia website.
Guaranteed 100% White Hat back-link Service.

Have Your Website Used as a Citation Over Wikipedia Page and Gain Huge Benefits:

1. Wikipedia back-link will get more authority for your website
2. Increase Web Presence
3. Help in promoting your organization brand image building.
4. Increase the Google trust factor associated with your website.
5. Help in Search Engine Optimization generally.
6. Increase PAGE and DOMAIN Authority (MOZ)

Wikipedia is a really great authority place. Let's not infect it.

NO PRODUCT OR LANDING PAGES. Such pages can not be used as a reference for Wikipedia directly because it contains only product information and does not impart much theory information about any subject.

If there are no pages on your website that suits the Wikipedia we can find a solution. If you have a subject for the article (or can I choose on my own) i will get the content for a new page that will suit. The article will be written so that it can be used as a citation over Wikipedia. See extra for this option.

What you will get after ordering my service:

Report containing Wikipedia back-link from niche related page.
URL of the Wikipedia Page


PLEASE CONTACT me before ordering.
We must discuss if your website is eligible for this service.

I take the guarantee of Wikipedia backlinks for one month duration. After this duration, though I will try to get the backlinks back on Wikipedia in the event of any deletion but I will not be legally obliged for it.

I can not take the guarantee for the lifetime of the link as you can understand that Wikipedia is a user editable encyclopedia where anyone can edit any page.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

I also have publishing access on many other sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , etc.


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