build an SEOed wordpress autoblog with good keywords in any niche for $13

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build an SEOed wordpress autoblog with good keywords in any niche

Hi all. Are you tired of the daily updates and maintenance works? If YES then you ve come to the right place! When you get our very cheap but high quality autoblog

More important is that the site you'll get is a fully automated website and don't need to add content. Search engine and Adsense safe guarantee!

Ok, let's see how we can start this awesome gig:

1. You need to have a domain name and hosting (free wordpress site like will not work). PS. The site will be created by default on the domain name you provide. If your site alredy had content you don't want to change/delete or you want me to make blog under a sub categoty then please tell me at first.
2. Tell us your niche/topic (no abstract niche, no adult niche please).
3. We ll build the blog by using our proven method.

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